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Thread: BEST game to get 10k runs as fast:

Started by: StarSpeedStarSpeed

Roblox: Find The Doges has a lot of IL categories that aren't that hard to run

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Thread: Hello from a newbie dog game speedrunner

Started by: NAMCOnadeNAMCOnade

interesting choice. I like that game

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Thread: word game

Started by: SioNSioN


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Thread: Cheating and Cheaters

Started by: GarshGarsh

He also hacked in Find The Doges... and I guess in all the games he played


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Thread: Cheating and Cheaters

Started by: GarshGarsh

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He has two accounts... this being the other one:


Forum: ROBLOX: Escape Siren Cop's Prison

Thread: Cheater

Started by: alexkaboomalexkaboom

Mods should delete his runs he ain't trustworthy

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Thread: What headset do you use?

Started by: FloppyPantsFloppyPants

Some 10 dollar headphones i bought in a flea market

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Thread: yo

Started by: alex_remalex_rem



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Thread: Pura Vida, ¿Qué emulador y Rum debo usar?

Started by: ihatosihatos

Tienes que ver si el juego al que quieres hacer speedrun permite el uso de emuladores y cuales son permitidos. Sobre las ROMS creo que no está permitido poner enlaces por acá así que solo me queda decir que busques en sitios confiables.


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Thread: OpenEmu on Mac

Started by: Anfe16Anfe16

Depends on the game you want to speedrun. Check the rules of each game if they allow emulators and which ones. You could also ask in the forums of the game.

Some threads that could be helpful: and

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Thread: Only webgame runners can reply to this thread

Started by: Sandstorm187Sandstorm187

I have run a few webgames. I think that counts