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Forum: Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

Thread: Discord?


There is no Discord server for the first Baten Kaitos, indeed. People have always considered my own Discord server at the hangout place for it... x)

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Forum: Speedrun Ragnarok 2019

Thread: Lets get hype!

Started by: TreyaTreya

The Bootleg The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, on NES!


Forum: ESA Summer 2018

Thread: ESA Summer 2018 - Photo sharing thread.

Started by: thejuicyschinkenthejuicyschinken

If you like random pictures in a random order by random people etc, rewatching all the tweets from Inside ESA is always a good idea 👌

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Forum: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords

Thread: Playing on DSi Console

Started by: BaffanBaffan

DSi not being an available console on SRC, it's alright if you put 3DS in the console but specify DSi in the comment. ❤️


Forum: ESA Summer 2018

Thread: Mario Kart Double Dash LAN

Started by: HiddenPower13HiddenPower13

I'm even bringing 2 extra GC c:


Forum: ESA Summer 2018

Thread: Need Interviewees for ESA Documentary

Started by: DanteLloydDanteLloyd

I guess I can make myself available for some memes.


Forum: ESA Summer 2018

Thread: Board Games/Card Games

Started by: ChfouChfou

Ah, I was wondering if someone would make this thread this year again! c:

I only have the French version of Shadow Hunters. If someone could bring the English version, that would be fantastic! ❤️


Forum: ESA Summer 2018

Thread: Mario Kart Double Dash LAN

Started by: HiddenPower13HiddenPower13

I"m in. Bringing at least 2 GC controllers and 1 ethernet cable.


Forum: Sonic Mania (Pre-DLC)

Thread: Rules and Categories

Started by: wersterwerster

As I already discussed with Argick, if we create an All Emeralds Category, for Sonic I would prefer the timing happening on the final hit rather than the white out. But that's only my opinion, if we ever do something like a poll and my opinions is really low then no problem.

However, I feel super conflicted about the timing for Any%. If you get 1 Emerald or if you complete GHZ, then you reset, that means you have to do a new file, wait for the intro, then quit and reenter the file to start the run. If we ever grind this game intensively, that could be painful... Minor stuff, but still I don't feel super good about that.

Happy grinding everyone!


Forum: ESA 2017

Thread: Emoji Movie Gathering

Started by: DrogieDrogie

I assume it will be in English with English subtitles as well?

I mean I'm not going to ESA but I guess people would like this kind of information. Because I would would have come it if I was going to ESA.


Forum: ESA 2017

Thread: Round 1 Cuts

Started by: flickyflicky

FINALLY got a Breath of the Wild run I can be relatively happy with: a 55:36.

Basically, during the entire month of April, I got A BUNCH of real life issues, impacting my capacity to stream, play, or even concentrate. And before this 55:36, I had a 1:12:09 that could have been a sub 55 without the stupid mistakes, which made me rather mad. I still didn't get sub 55, but this is a matter of hours. Should happen tomorrow. And sub 50 is a matter of days, it should be done next week, or even tomorrow if I am lucky by some miracle.

I lowered the estimate from 1:20:00 to 1:10:00. Even with major deaths, no runs should be sub 1:05:00 by the end of July, considering none of my future runs should be under 1:10:00 already. I even think a 1 hour estimate could be possible, but I am waiting for the opinion of the other 2 runners.

Sorry for making you wait for this update, I know it's rather late but really this month got worse and worse. I even decided to not eat, drink and sleep before I could get a sub hour run because it was infuriating to have karma on the way to my sub 50 run. But now that I broke the sub hour barrier, it should not be as mentally exhausting as before.

Anyway, here is the run:


Forum: ESA 2017

Thread: Round 1 Cuts

Started by: flickyflicky

SuccinctAndPunchy I already replied to message like yours here

Now please do the same message for Nier and Yooka-Laylee. I'm waiting.

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Forum: ESA 2017

Thread: What games would you like to see at ESA 2017

Started by: UselessBritUselessBrit

As Pottoww and Trollbear said just above, many people are actually wishing to have BotW to ESA. I made a poll to see how it really is, and it seems to be 55/45 in favor of it. Not too bad! So, if Yes wins the poll, Slask and I will submit it as a race, with an initial estimate of 2 hours.

The poll:


Forum: ESA 2017

Thread: ESA Side Event: Paintball

Started by: curseddollscurseddolls

Ah, curseddolls with our Side Event, like every year! c:

I won't participate because it's not my kind of thing at all. But I fully support you ❤️

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Forum: ESA 2017

Thread: PogChamp

Started by: Mhmd_FVCMhmd_FVC



Forum: ESA 2017

Thread: Round table - December 21st - Questions

Started by: EdenalEdenal

Aw, too bad, I will busy with my memes.

I still have some questions and some points that could be debated in the round table. The first one being the very first thing asked here, and what I very often hear because even if we didn't do it last year, it became a signature of ESA and something appreciated overall: a second stream. We all know that, indeed, it's something difficult to deal with. I may have an idea or two about that, that would fix another "problem": accepting long runs. Why don't we do 1, or maybe 2, long runs (counting something like 8 or more hours) on the second stream, and only that? We already did a second stream that was not non-stop in 2015, and doing only 1 or 2 long runs on this second stream could be a thing. We could easily setup it calmly, without pressure, and having delays on this stream wouldn't be a disaster because people are waiting for THIS long game anyway. Just being sure that everything will remain stable once it starts, and here is an easy way to make a lot of people happy: fans of a 2nd stream, and people that would like to submit long runs but can't because it's hard to accept a lot of long runs.

Very nice to see this is going to be monthly, by the way! Have fun with this first round table! ❤️

Edit: oh also, about last year feedback. If people complain about the unused giant screen, remind them that despite it being big, its resolution was only 600x200 and proprietary, that's why it couldn't be used. That is something that has not been reminded enough imo.

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: What is the longest Speedrun you guys run?

Started by: PodzPodz

I completed Baten Kaitos 100% in 342 hours, 19 minutes and 56 seconds. Or if you prefer: 14 days, 6 hours, 19 minutes and 56 seconds. Or if you prefer like this: 2 weeks, 6 hours, 19 minutes and 56 seconds. Oh and that's the time for my last run, that was the 4th one I did. The 1st one I did was around 356 hours long.

That's it. Game Over. You can now lock this thread.

... Just kidding, I will let a chance for some people to beat me: the actual gameplay time of this run was around 77 hours, everything else was being afk. So if anyone gets a time over 77 hours, feel free to tell it here. For example, anyone that did a Yu Gi Oh Forbidden Memories 100% run.

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Forum: ESA 2016

Thread: ESA16 Photo/Video-thread

Started by: maralmaral

Obviously I recommend to read the timeline of so that you can see a lot of things that happened at ESA from the Inside. But I shall do a personal album or something later.

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Forum: ESA 2016

Thread: PogChamp

Started by: S.S.