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Thread: Emulators of today

Started by: VolkswachterGaming

First of all: agreed with Cyd obviously.
Second of all and more important: Are you in the community? No. Have you done runs of the game? Probably not. If you're not part of the community, let alone did runs of the game what makes you think you can just barge in an debate the rules WE as a COMMUNITY set up?
If you wanna argue about this join the community, do some work in it, do some runs establish yourself and then and ONLY then you earned the right to even start this discussion.

And as Cyd said the rules are super linient, theres really nothing to argue about this.

Case closed


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Thread: ESA Summer 2019 Feedback Thread

Started by: PlanksPlanks

ok this will be a mess but whatever

- Location is amazing, cant be stated enough
- Info Desk. Felt a lot better organized this year shoutouts to Panda and Pottoww
- Stream 2. The fact that it wasnt in a small room but instead neighbouring stream 1 was pretty good.
It felt nice to be able to just hop inbetween to runs at any given time without losing content.
- The general organisation. Everything felt super well organized (sure theres always some issues but that cant be avoided) from scheduling to hosting to tech, every volunteer and team leader did a fantastic job!
- EVERY SINGLE ATTENDEE! You guys make ESA a blast and eventhough theres quite some people i never talked to, all of you make this event feel like home and a 2nd family ❤️

- Nothing that ESA organisation can really do about (maybe inform them beforhand somehow idk?), but McD isnt quite the best. Its the only thing thats open rather late and their service is sub optimal, wrong orders, horrendous waiting times.
- Spacing. Theres not enough space at the point where ESA is now. Alone the NES crew takes up a huge amount of space. That combined with Street Boyz left hardly any place for others. Same goes for the PC room, not enough PCs and it was always super crowded.

Special personal con:
A specific crew saying they need EXACTLY the monitor i was using during practice, while they had another one which was like just a tiny bit smaller feels a bit weird. Especially not nice if you agree to the monitor change mid practice run which somehow managed to crash the game and then comming back IMMEDIATELY after saying they solved the problem. Not nice, not nice at all, that whole community is dead to me now


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Thread: ESA Summer 2018 Feedback Thread

Started by: PlanksPlanks

All of the good stuff has been pretty much said allready, same goes for the negative stuff.

+ The energy levels and enthusiasm this year was absolutely amazing, which wants me to support the event again/even more with runs now than before (and i hope im not the only one who feels that way)

Really minor negatives:
- Mafia definatley needs a bigger room hahaha
- Stream 1 needs the couch back tbh, its more comfy if you're sitting for longer


Forum: ESA Summer 2018

Thread: Travel buddy finding thread

Started by: jan_susijan_susi

Ill be in Copenhagen on the 20th around 19:10 if anyone wants to meet up there at that time. Im flying from Zurich if some is there aswell


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Thread: ESA 2017 Shoutouts and appriciation Thread

Started by: BaalNocturnoBaalNocturno

Since there is no thread for this yet i might aswell make the start. Post all your love for the people you met at ESA 🙂

Koston: It was a pleasure spending time with you, really a nice guy sad that you're not streaming 🙁

Einea: Ma brother from another mother, I'm glad i met you and we became friends 😊

Jinny: Always a fun time with you, thanks for teaching me some melee senpai :3

Salad: The lad i probably spend most time with out of the KH, pretty rad dude, have fun playing Durak 😃

The KH crew: All of you guys and girl were amazing company i dont regret a single second spending with you!

The Mafia gang: Sadly didnt play as much mafia as i wanted to but nonetheless it was an awesome expirience. Shoutouts to Kotti and Pottow being Mafia 😛

Flicky: Thanks for staying the awesome mate the you always have been, sad that you will take a break.

Legrand: The honorary baguette knight, our race was absolutely brilliant hopefully we can get a relay in next year!

Amateseru: The other french brother was awesome meeting you and doing some BQ 🙂

Fuzzy: the memelord himself who forgot meeting me back in 2014 😛

Ladaur: thanks for rating my booty xD

Grukk and Maja: Thanks for letting me borrow your tech stuff and thanks for being a good friend 😊 and maja maybe we should have talked more hahaha

Fatzke: Thanks for making Golden Sun possible and for letting me sleep in your room the last day!

Dante: Superb DJ of the last ESA hours, keep it up yo!

Etholon: Thanks for animating me for the Quick & Crash game, way too addicting^^

Frozer: The chocolate mafia always supports its friends^^

Moro: Thanks for switching from RGs BQ stream to mine now hahaha

Zephyyr: We had some pretty nice talks and good ideas, lets work on that 😃

Tompa: thanks for the massage, i really needed that^^

Spatula and Bunny: Was really cool finally meeting you too hopefully we dont have to wait too long for the next time!

I'm really sorry if i forgot to mention people I'm really tired hahaha
Love you all ❤️

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Thread: Round 1 Cuts

Started by: flickyflicky

I sadly really dont have much time to stream atm but i managed to get at least one full run on stream

Obviously really improvable, practice is continuing offline until work related stuff has calmed down. Would be awesome if the race would be in the final schedule 🙂


Forum: ESA 2015

Thread: Second Round Cuts

Started by: flickyflicky

rip WoW 100%....

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Forum: ESA 2015

Thread: Travel Thread

Started by: flickyflicky

I'll be travelling from Zurich and i will need a hotel partner, anyone in?