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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Games you're shocked or impressed that others speedrun!

Started by: Patrick_BarrettPatrick_Barrett

Some masochists did runs of Sonic Shuffle. I'd thought about it myself, but after a single board took me hours to complete, I decided against such a course of action.

I'm also still somewhat surprised by the people running Kaizo-type games.

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Forum: Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

Thread: Phoenix Clank section problems?

Started by: ShirakoShirako

When I was planning on running this category way back, I didn't initially get the one skip and that happened to me too. I thought I'd wrecked the save file at first.


Forum: Rogue Legacy

Thread: No Gold?

Started by: BSharpMajorGeneralBSharpMajorGeneral

I thought as much.

I'd figured Zors'd done something like that, but I didn't know how/what to look up. I'll check out the video when I get the time.



Forum: Rogue Legacy

Thread: No Gold?

Started by: BSharpMajorGeneralBSharpMajorGeneral

Thinking on the recent trend of coinless runs of various Mario games, I have the question: is it possible to beat Rogue Legacy without getting any gold at all? I see runs of various numbers of deaths, no sword, etc... My guess would be "no," but I haven't watched enough runs lately to gauge well.

I know I certainly couldn't. I'd love to see a video on it, though.


Forum: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Thread: Easy Super Jump with a Turbo Controller

Started by: TacoRemixTacoRemix

The any% rules have this: "Basic turbo controller functions are now allowed for text mashing, but not the use of a macro to input super jumps," so it seems that it is against the rules.

The other categories mention that there are "No other restrictions other than the use of cheats/emulator tools" but I can't imagine that Low Level or Beat Culex would allow that either.


Forum: Wild Arms 3

Thread: Comparisons Between Versions

Started by: CollectiveSoulsRTACollectiveSoulsRTA

What system was PSN performed on, and what was the drive type? I'm curious to see if HD vs. SSD would affect this game. Also, did that mean there was no load time for room transitions in PSN?


Forum: Wild Arms 3

Thread: PS4 Version?

Started by: BSharpMajorGeneralBSharpMajorGeneral

By JP, do you mean JP PS2? Also, PS4 owners have the option of SSD, and I know from other PS4 games that it can be advantage sometimes.


Forum: Paper Mario

Thread: Emulator?

Started by: lana124lana124

Practice on emulator until you can get a legit set up, I'd say.


Forum: Threads of Fate

Thread: emuators of Threads of Fate

Started by: RetroTweakRetroTweak

Out of curiosity - what about PSP, PS Vita, or PS TV? I know from my casual experience with the game that it runs decently on the PS TV. That said, I don't know how frame rates or other stats would compare for an actual runner.


Forum: Toy Commander

Thread: Is there a 100% run for Toy Commander?

Started by: LiquidDeath911LiquidDeath911

I assume it's just because nobody's done it or posted it yet.


Forum: Sonic 3D Blast

Thread: Director's Cut

Started by: BSharpMajorGeneralBSharpMajorGeneral

I wanted to check in to see if you guys knew about the Director's Cut for Sonic 3D Blast? Lately, one of the devs from the game has been posting about it, and he's working on a DX for the game. I've only played the game casually, but some of the changes sound pretty nice.

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Forum: Secret Agent

Thread: Maps

Started by: BSharpMajorGeneralBSharpMajorGeneral

Hey, one of the VGMaps guys directed me to a site where I managed to locate this:

It has all three episodes, includes the overworld map, and lists them by number (i.e. the number you'd type on the BOND level select to get to one). I imagine they'd be helpful for anyone that wanted to easily route a particular level.

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Forum: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Thread: ACE or Wrong Warp?

Started by: BSharpMajorGeneralBSharpMajorGeneral

I just saw SethBling's latest video on Super Mario World, and he used pre-initialized RAM by hot swapping two carts of the game. Is there an analog for Mystic Quest? I don't think there'd be a way to do the SAME thing, but what about doing something with the RAM before the run starts, a la the partner trait glitch?


Forum: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Thread: Enigme%

Started by: MorganLeFlayMorganLeFlay

(edited: )

Engime is either the French for "enigma, puzzle" or a typo of "enigma." Therefore, puzzles.

Edit: In that case, why isn't it just "fists%, Sophia% and enigma%?"


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Dreamcast Speedrunning Scene

Started by: BSharpMajorGeneralBSharpMajorGeneral

Hey! I'm researching for an article for The Dreamcast Junkyard, so I have a few questions for DC speedrunners (and runners in general):

1. How active would you say the DC scene is? I'm fairly new to both communities, so I'm in the dark right now.

2. Is it a common theme for games that originated on DC to be ran on later versions/ports?

3. What brought you to the DC for speedrunning in the first place?

4. What is the "hidden gem" of DC runs, in your opinion?



Forum: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Thread: ACE or Wrong Warp?

Started by: BSharpMajorGeneralBSharpMajorGeneral

I'm curious about if/how the runners or glitchers have gone about looking into arbitrary code execution or wrong warp for skipping Pazuzu. (I'm not super familiar with what it would entail, just that it involves talking to one of the girl companions and getting on to Captain Mac's ship.)

Is there a limit to how far you can take the inventory glitch?

Since I don't know how to disassemble code, the only way I could help in the search would be lucking out while goofing off in game.


Forum: Wild Arms

Thread: Wild ARMS 2 is best Wild ARMS

Started by: EnkerEnker

I like 3 a lot.


Forum: Wild Arms 3

Thread: PS4 Version?

Started by: BSharpMajorGeneralBSharpMajorGeneral

Out of curiosity, what's the consensus regarding the recent PSN/PS4 release of the game?


Forum: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Thread: guides for MQ

Started by: JaridianJaridian

Thanks! I'm also thinking of running this game, so this guide'll help me decide if I really want to or not.


Forum: Mission One: The Hunt for Red Rock Rover

Thread: Timer

Started by: BSharpMajorGeneralBSharpMajorGeneral

OK, one more question: what timer did you use for the video? I've tried a couple (llanfair and Time Split Tracker) and they don't show up when DOSBox is full-screen.