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Thread: Hello plebs :)

Started by: BQCMartehBQCMarteh

Let me introduce myself now, I'm Martinus, also known as Marteh. BQCMarteh is my Speedrunning account on the internet.
I'm a Dutch high-school student, province Limburg, and one of my big hobbies has became Speedrunning.
I speedrun games I used to play in the past or games I still play and see how good my placements are and how good you guys are 😛
I also have 2 YouTube channel, 1 for the main things I do outside speedrunning, Minecraft and other games, 1 for Speedrunning and extra's.

Main: https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​marteh
Speedrun/extra's: https:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​channel/​UC3Tyvs9Iy6S9YDBY68l5voQ

On my main channel you can find more information about me and some social media. If you're familiar with BrokenLens - check out my Forums account.
Have a good day everyone!
My wishes for you for gold splits, BQCMarteh.


Forum: Geometry Dash

Thread: Little Question

Started by: BQCMartehBQCMarteh

Since it takes 2-3 seconds for me to load a Geometry Dash level after pressing play, can I start the timer 1-2 seconds after I pressed play?
And if yes, can I pause the timer for 1-2 seconds when pressing play on a second, third or whatever level? Because it's not really fair that people with a Gaming PC can load a level under 1 second, and I, a laptop player, has to wait 2-3 seconds.

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Forum: Geometry Dash

Thread: Is the 1.9 GDPS allowed for usage during a run?

Started by: nikro1nikro1

I think you can use it since it doesnt really change anything to the gameplay.

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Thread: Upcoming language system

Started by: PacPac

Super cool! I could maybe help translate to the Dutch language if you would like to.