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Hey guys !, this is a poke to see if this game is still alive and moderated ^^


I don't think anyone else other than the dude who has a run posted runs it.

It is such a tough game to get runs going, D_Money on Twitch used to run it, but just can't finish a run.

I've been thinking of ways this can be marathon safe and get it submitted to something like RPGLB, but the RNG is just so punishing.


Yeah figured out as much.

But me and formerly known as Ryuken, one other runner for the game, is getting back in the game and wanna get some races going and try a new category to make it easier on new runners and maybe, just maybe, make it marathon safe enough to warrant submitting it to Rpglb or another marathon.

I mostly posted because I want to work with the mod here to make it happen and if they aren't active anymore, take it on me to do it.

Happy to chat with a fellow fan of AD. Always nice ^^


oh I'm in if you guys want to hang out and race and what not.

There are interest whenever this game is brought up in the RPGLB Discord, but I don't think anyone else has tried to get this marathon safe yet.

My only idea so far is to scrap the whole 1 run complete idea, just a Any% completion, so if you have to go back a few times into tower, and then complete it. I think that way, might be able to get a run down to like 4~5 hours maybe?

a race of that during a marathon would be absolute chaos.


I thought mostly of a first at 10th floor or first at 20th floor races. Way less random. Tried a lot of 1st@10th,and got good consistent time out of it. The categories are way more "new players friendly" and so could serve as introductory categories such as kefka@Narshe for Final fantasy 6 or master sword% for link to the past.

Also these categories gives less spread time and more finished runs obviously. So more fun to race and more marathon friendly.

Of course, any% would still be the category to fight for. I just thought that having intermediate courses could bring people in. Less daunting you see. What do you think.

Oh yeah! I just made a Discord especially for Azure Dreams speedrun. Poke me if you wanna join. We'll organize races and build the game. 😃


The run is way to dangerous for marathons. When I was at RPGLB last year, I asked a few people about it and its way to random to be in a marathon for any current category.

but I am doing a few attempts now and then but I'm still routing on my off time the 100% Monsterless route.But I'd be really open to doing 10f 20f and 30f and full tower runs, since those ones are much nicer to do runs with.


I agree that the run is rough, but like I said. Right now I get 95%+ success rate on first@10th. And this is without extensive practice. With a racing community, I'm sure we can grind it to be safe enough that I can sell a small 15 minutes, fun and exciting 10th F race.

But that's way down the road. Step 1. I wanna assemble everyone who likes the game and want to invest time to make it a speedgame worth its salt and build up recognition. This game is way too good to be so unknown. 😃

If you wanna race for fun, we'll try to do it as much as our schedules can tank it XD. Come on the discord I made just for that


Hey Shauny7188!

We are on the discord discussing rules and categories. Just thought you might want to be a part of the discussion. 😃

If you feel like it. Drop on the discord with us. We'll wait for you ^^