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Only able to test on emu right now. So I want to make sure this is a real glitch before I start fully testing its posibilities.

From a new game, get on the wall around the pool (can be easily gotten to from atop the bush by the upper left corner, or with a pot). Then go to the little wall thats on the right side of the actual building and walk against the building while slowly moving down (easiest to do by slightly tilting the camera). This should clip you out of bounds. From there if you try to move up and wiggle a bit, it should teleport you behind the tower's wall. Run to the right and you can enter the tower without activating Kwene.

I'm currently trying to study all the ramifications of this. For instance, if you hatch another monster in that first slot, then go and get Kwene normally and escape the tower (not die, otherwise Kwene will just overwrite that slot) you'll have two monsters in your inventory tied to one slot.

If you put both monsters in the slow, you'll get a weird mixture. You get the sprite of the first one you put down, plus its non-stat page name and monster type, but the second one's stat page and actual stats in game. Hard to explain, sorry. Currently I've only tested it with Pulunpa, So I'm planning on trying to see what happens with specialty creatures like Troll or the evolving monsters. I also want to know what happens when I beat the game without having Kwene, and with glitched Kwene in both the first and second slot. This obviously isnt all that useful to speedruns though.

The one interesting thing you can do with the glitch though, is that the game doesn't check for the 5-item limit when you meet Kwene, so this lets you get at least one trip with full inventory. Since I'm thinking the optimal start to a 100% is to get a first trip Barong egg, this will allow you to start item-vomitting a lot faster.


So I tested it on my ps3 today, and it does work on console. I recorded my entire test of what you commented on in your post, and this is a excerpt from the description of the video.

Brief rundown of this video.
o - You CAN use this clip to enter the tower without triggering the initial KEWNE conversation.
o - You can bring in more than 5 items at once into the tower, but ONLY when you do talk to KEWNE. Otherwise it will not let you through with more than 5 items. Also once you talk to KEWNE his prompt is gone and you don't need to do the glitch anymore to enter the tower.
o - You can skip the tutorial of the game for the the tower on the first floor since there is no dialogue on future visits.
o - If you can use this during a speed run, there would be time saved, but not having a monster would be troublesome for the initial and potential only climb of the tower.
o - Placing a egg in KEWNE's slot in the Monster hut will give him the sprite of KEWNE but the stats and the like of the monster placed there.

Thing I want to test later.
o - What happens if you have 20 items in your inventory and KEWNE joins you?
o - What happens if you beat the game without ever talking to KEWNE?
o - Is there a warp somewhere else in town which can be used for something else?