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Thread: Hyrule Code in Resources?

Started by: FuzzynessFuzzyness

Since I am a main runner of this game as well, I guess my input would bear some weight? Here goes:

Fuzzy and I talked yesterday in my stream about this situation. I understand his frustration, but I always believed it is against the integrity of the run to use Hyrule code. The hacked file from SMS only skips cutscenes, it doesn't effect the luck of the run in any way, like using code.

I also heavily disagree w/ anyone verifying their own runs. That's a conflict of interest. If someone else has verified their own run, then it should be looked at accordingly. Given Fuzzyness' reputation, I don't believe he'd be dishonest, but it still defeats the principle of having a cross check. But if we want to stay consistent, we should move his run into "category extension" so there's no controversy later o

Lastly, people can say whatever they want like, "I want to run this game!" with code or no code. How many people actually try? There could be a SpeedRun that requires a single button input and people will still be too lazy to attempt. There seems to be a decent amount of people running the "category extension" and that's good! So what's bad with telling your viewers that they can use C Stick/20XX/Mods, but it'll just be in a different category? Maybe that'll be the gateway to bringing in more competition while maintaining integrity for each category. That being said, these should be the solidified rules so we don't keep moving goal posts. Those are my thoughts.


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Thread: using AR codes in speedruns

Started by: mugg1991mugg1991

Actually thinking upon this topic. My opinion is as follows and I'll state my reasoning.
I believe that the AR violates the integrity of the run. Not just to the run, but Speed
Runners everywhere. What if everyone manipulated RNG like that?

My reasons:
-it's less than 2 min into the run
-it's more of a TAS than a speed run(just for that part obviously)
-if you don't use C-Stick, why use AR?

I don't care if he has the WR, but it's a little dishonest. At least put that use used AR in the description. I feel like Fuzzyness kind of rushed this WR imo. I believe Fuzzyness can get WR relatively easy, w/o AR since he has better strats than mine.

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