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Thread: ESA Winter 2020 Feedback Thread

Started by: PlanksPlanks

Alright, this is my first time in esa winter (i was at esa summer 2018) and my main regrets are getting an airbnb instead of a hotel room, specially with the weather. I am aware that it's not a simple thing to do but it does makes me want that the winter event was somewhere more to the south of europe for better weather.
- Overall the event was nice, recreational machines were nice but also felt a bit lacking from my point of view.
- Free ice cream was good (though ice cream in winter is a bit concerning tbh), PopCorn was nice too.
- Good amount of PCs in the main room, enough for them to not be full whenever i checked.
- Pretty comfy overall, liked the display that told us when there was something to read, whether it was a message or a donation, gives the runner more control and the reader doesn't have to ask directly, def. something that should be kept.
- Pics for when we had to do runs are nice, but I'd like some kind of schedule so we know when they are happening, I remember I was asked about it late in the night when i was sleeping before my run that was early in the morning.
- Open block was nice but i think the results should happen a bit earlier, so there's at least 1 day of preparation (not for the run itself, but for the schedule of it)
I think that's about it, overall it was quite the positive experience.

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Forum: Kingdom Hearts III

Thread: General Leaderboard Discussion Thread

Started by: DrazerkDrazerk

1) when Xehanort gets hit by the laser is good.
2) I think having lvl1 for each difficulty is fine, with that said, as it is right now, I agree with proud lvl1 not being a good idea for a speedrun category. Hopefully this will change with later updates.
3) In my honest opinion, pre-order stuff shouldn't be part of a speedrunning, the reason being that not everyone has the opportunity to use it, This is different from other dlcs that are not related to pre-ordering, since anyone at any point can get those dlcs.
4) Well, at this point all worlds would be classified as the meme category, kinda hoping for an actual world with a later dlc for that kind of category. Also, while it is technically a world, it is not a world you can travel to like the others with the gummi ship so it's a bit weird but i digress
5) I've always thought that if the IGT is good it should always be used to avoid all kinds of weird stuff with the load times.On a personal note, this was a big issue in Nioh, where the IGT counted the loads and it didn't even count the seconds, in this game it looks good though so I would recommend using it.
I haven't done a run of this game yet but I do plan on at some point.


Forum: ESA Summer 2018

Thread: ESA Summer 2018 Feedback Thread

Started by: PlanksPlanks

- The biggest complain that i have is the temperature of the stream room, it might be just because of me being used to higher temperatures, but it felt pretty cold there compared to the rest of the rooms and i had to wear a jacket just for it.
- Not having an actual coach for the co-comentators.
- As said in a comment above, too many CRTs, the TV ratio should be a bit more favorable towards LCD TVs.
+ Arcades, specially Star Wars pod racing were really nice!
+ Really cool atmosphere at the event overall, good people.
+ Free ice-cream machine was great.
Overall, I'm really happy with the experience and I hope I can see you all again next year!

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