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XD is fine we all mature 🙂


There is no way, Beefy computers have the best reloads, mipha knows this, and we used to have it be determined without loads, but I don’t know where that went, mipha might have removed it. I don’t know why, talk to him about it.


Yeah, plus there are not many peoppe running this game at the moment so I don’t want to make like a 3 hour investment


I don’t really want to retime each run, and I kind of (weirdly) like it started on the cutscene, because just like alpha 4 you are playing the game.
So I don’t really want to change it, but neiru can.


Yeah, good luck, Hopefully the results won’t be awful 🙂


No sorry I wouldn’t, Have you tried OBS? (Guessing you have) If you have tried it, then sorry, can’t help you.


I found the easiest way to get to the splash screen, doing this, you can get to it while the screen is still white, and it is simple. The second you go into the door, hold Shift + S/Backwards, when you enter the basement, you spawn with your back to the closet point where the splash screen can come up.


That is the Exe flash version, you can get it in resources, the web version is in a sub category on Any%


The footage would be nice to see though


It could work, but the amount of luck you need to get to the rollercoaster game, PLUS a frame perfect LMB press, is probably not ideal, and I don’t know how much time it would really save over the regular way


I will veify all runs from now on


Sorry for the wait, your run as been verified


thank you for understanding


Ok but at the moment we are fine ok? We dont need more categories leaderboard is to complex for beginners.


Lol true crusher


I have said this to you cuber A LOT we dont need more mods. We have more than we need ok? Tell me if you read this


Which guides? Cuz if it was a category like NG+ alpha 1 we removed it cuz it is not a category


Cuber i Dont wanna be a dick but it is up to the mods. You keep doing these having videos ans rules. You cant do that. You are not a mod so you cannot make categories I cant either cuz i am not a mod ok? So let the mods organize it


it will now u have a role


ok good just dont ask for mod it is not liked around here

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