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Alrighty looks like we need to talk about the future of the run!

Currently it's not out yet and we might have to wait until the game is out to see how these "original episodes" go in regards to affecting the speedrun. I'm personally probably not coming back to running the game even when it does come out, but i'm more than happy to keep moderating the leaderboards. We'll need to figure out as a community what the best course of action towards these new missions are. If they're a seperate menu option do we make them their own leaderboard? If they come after the end of the current run do we add them to the current Any%, or do we split the current Any% and make a new category - something like Season 3%? Or maybe even branch it off and make it its own leaderboard?

We'll likely need to wait till July to figure out what the best course of action is, but let me know your thoughts