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With regards to categories with Attack on Titan 2, I have made any% go to the very final level - Nameless Hero. The weird part is that the mission before this has it's own credit roll, but unlike Attack on Titan 1 there is no required optional grinding to access this level, so it made more sense to call the final level as any%. 100% would be a totally different thing with equipment and squad friendship levels. Plus it feels weird to have a category for say "Season 2%" that stops literally 5-10 minutes before the end of the final level.

I am considering adding a "Female Titan%" or "Season 1%" that would stop on the final hit of the same level of the end of Attack on Titan 1 - Soldier's Dance. My reasons being that this run would be a nicer entry point for those coming into the run as it would stop about an hour-an hour and a half earlier.

As far as when to start the timer, I currently feel it's best to start the timer when Start Game is hit. However there is a scripted part for the first 2-3 minutes before it goes into the character creator. This same scripted part actually appears again later in the run. If there is no way to make it faster and if people would prefer then I would be happy to consider the start point after entering the name of your character in the character creation.

As far as other categories go I was very hopeful for the story COOP that was announced before the game came out; however as it currently stands the only way to do coop is to randomly matchmake and there is no lobby for friends or a guaranteed way to get friends into the same game. If there is demand i'm more than happy to make categories for coop runs, but as of right now i'm not sure how it works out with this weird game design.

There are also other modes such as Inferno mode that could be made into a leaderboard and NG+ could certainly be achieved by using the NPC in the town to select previous levels. All Scouting Missions could be another.

Again let me know either here or contact me in a different method if you have thoughts or ideas about leaderboards we could add. I'm usually fairly open and easy to reach!

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