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Thread: Can this 2 player cheat become it's own category?

Started by: TenaCiouSTenaCiouS

generally the rule for new categories is: do a run of it (on video ofc) and then the mods will consider it

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Forum: New Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: Mod Apply

Started by: Declan_MkwiiDeclan_Mkwii

we have more than enough mods right now

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Forum: New Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: Announcement About Rule Changes

Started by: AshEevee_AshEevee_

Adding more strict video requirements (again):

In Any%, times below 28:00 require video.
In Warpless, times below 50:00 require video.
In No Secret Exits, times below 1:01:00 require video.
In 100%, times below 3:20:00 require video.
In all other full-game categories, top 5 runs require video.
In individual level and individual world runs, all runs require video.

Any pre-existing runs that would violate this rule will not be affected, but all future runs submitted will be.

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Forum: Five Nights at Fuckboy's

Thread: Passing on the Power (again)

Started by: AshEevee_AshEevee_

SheppardKiller made a good point in saying that me resigning from the FNAF World leaderboards should also go with resigning from these. So, that's what I'm gonna do. Sheppard will gain control of the entire series, and once again, my only request is to keep the leaderboards neat and tidy.


Forum: FNaF World

Thread: Passing on the Power

Started by: AshEevee_AshEevee_

In case any of you can't figure out what that title means, I'm resigning as a mod. This game in general has just been a chore for me to maintain, and honestly I've just been too lazy to get rid of it.
Since I am the only mod, I obviously have to pass the baton to someone. As such, I'll be giving mod to SheppardKiller, puppyguy9, and ZombieGabriel. I did work hard on making this leaderboard nice and as organized as possible, so my only request as I pass on my power is that you keep it nice and tidy.

Best of luck,
Ash "Eevee"


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Thread: 157% Added

Started by: AshEevee_AshEevee_

If you're curious about what I weighted each of the requirements to, here you go:
Each ending is 9%
Each Update 2 character is 4%
The pearl trophy is 2%
Each regular character besides the starting 8 is 1%
Each Chip is 1%
Each Byte is 1%
Each defense upgrade is 1%


Forum: FNaF World

Thread: 157% Added

Started by: AshEevee_AshEevee_

After thinking about it a bit, I've decided to add this category. It's pretty much the "Ultimate 100%." It involves all the requirements of 100%, plus a few other things:
You must buy every Byte and defense upgrade.
You must unlock every character.
You must get the Universe End Ending.

Fun fact: I called this 157% because I did some math and weighting. I took all the requirements for 100%, weighted them appropriately to equal 100%, then apply those weights to the extra requirements of this category. In the end it totaled to 157%.

In addition, I've renamed "99.8%" and "True 100%" to "100% Pre-Update 2" and "100%" respectively, since that better fits the requirements of the categories.


Forum: Five Nights at Fuckboy's

Thread: Version 1.0

Started by: SMPSMP

I didn't know this glitch even existed. But, since it requires an outdated version of the game, I'm gonna say no to that. Sorry.

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Forum: Five Nights at Fuckboy's

Thread: Are Kingly Weapons required for 100%? Possible suggestion to add on to the 100% rules for newcomers?

Started by: SheppardKillerSheppardKiller

The Kingly Weapons are required for 100%, yes. I thought that was implied by "you must get all weapons and gear," but I'll add that now.
Also, the debug room is inaccessible in Night XX and Night XXX. The way you normally get there is by holding Q down as you enter the girl's bathroom with Freddy, then inputting the password (uuddlrlrbas), then punching the wall in front of the stage 2500 times. In difficulties other than Night X, holding Q down as you enter the bathroom doesn't bring up any password enter screen, and as such, you can't get into the debug room.


Forum: FNaF World

Thread: No Specification on Difficulty for the "Chipper Ending" Speedrun Category

Started by: ZombieGabrielZombieGabriel

I revamped the leaderboards after seeing this. For categories such as Rainbow Ending where you must use Adventure Mode, the option for Fixed Party was removed. Universe End Ending runs on Fixed Party are no longer accepted. Any category which can be done on either Normal or Hard Mode now has a subcategory dedicated to each.


Forum: Five Nights at Fuckboy's

Thread: Why didn't you put the release date when adding the game?

Started by: SpiderHakoSpiderHako

does it really matter? the day of release was a recent add to SRC, and this game was added before that. also, I didn't mod the game originally, I got given the mod when the previous mod deleted their SRC account.
It's just a leaderboard, and you shouldn't tell me every exact thing to do with it.


Forum: Mario Kart 8

Thread: Why is emu banned?

Started by: ILoveSMBILoveSMB

the point is emulator just isn't accepted very well in ¤most¤ speedrun communities. if you wanna run, get the fucking console. i've seen way too many of your "emulator this" and "emulator that" arguments and i'm sick of it. arguing to make it legal is only gonna make people not like you. so shut up and find another fucking hobby if you can't fucking run on console


Forum: FNaF World

Thread: I was wondering if, maybe, a Tent Glitch ending could get added as an Any%?

Started by: White_LupinWhite_Lupin

It was a thing once, but it's really kind of pointless considering it only works on the original version, and that it's so short. It just becomes a run of hoping you get no encounters, and otherwise it's pretty much a set time.


Forum: 140

Thread: Switch to times w/o load

Started by: ZetZet

I think you already know my opinion on this 😉


Forum: Pikmin 3

Thread: A new glitch?!? Endless Day glitch?!?!?!?!?

Started by: Jak8Jak8

1. Never trust the Pikmin Wikia.
2. Never trust the Pikmin Wikia.
3. Never trust the Pikmin Wikia.
4. The glitch is fake.
5. Even if it was real it wouldn't help with anything since every day can be completed as much as possible before time runs out.

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Forum: Pokémon Sun/Moon

Thread: All this IV Talk in the Route Notes

Started by: BenjeeBenjee

Short Answer: +, -, positive, negative, neutral, etc. are talking about nature.

Long Answer: 20 of the 25 natures have effects on stats, raising one by 10% and lowering one by 10%. There are tables that show which natures boost and hinder which stats, but you can easily see what stats a nature effects by looking at the stats of the Pokemon. If the name of the stat is red, the stat is boosted by nature. If the name is blue, the stat is hindered by nature. So, + and positive refer to when you have a nature that boosts that particular stat, - and negative refer to when you have a nature that hinders that particular stat, and neutral refers to when the nature doesn't affect that stat.

Hope this helps.

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Forum: New Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: Load times

Started by: UvideoUvideo

UPDATE: A new revolutionary homebrew method has just been discovered, and I HAVE NO IDEA WHETHER IT AFFECTS LOADS.
time to do all that testing again
will update the pastebin with any discoveries as i find them.
eventually i will remove anything pertaining to a9lh from it because it is now obsolete and if you still have it go get boot9strap at


Forum: New Super Mario Bros. 2 Category Extensions

Thread: Individual levels

Started by: UvideoUvideo

(protip: asking for mod makes people less willing to mod you)

anyway yeah we have more than enough mods

and the IL categories are too unnecessary


Forum: New Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: Load times

Started by: UvideoUvideo

What could also be happening is you're losing time to loads, but the NTR CFW is actually making up for the lost time by overclocking the system a bit. I guess more investigation is needed.