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Thread: Absurd Theoretical Strategies for No Intro Inferno

Started by: ArlanKelsArlanKels

Oh yeah, forgot about this too

There are all types of different ways you can hit that room with dodge chains and end up saving a small amount of time, even on other difficulties.

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Thread: Xbox

Started by: qazwsxedcrfv64qazwsxedcrfv64

I believe so.
When you submit the run just make sure to pick the XBox option that's right for you.

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Thread: Any Speedrunning Tips For Aragami 2?

Started by: ArlanKelsArlanKels

(edited: )

In case you have any personal tips or thoughts on how to speedrun the game, please share so anyone coming in can check it out.

My own tip is to run the category you enjoy the most, don't try to force yourself to run something that you don't like running.

Also you can "Death Teleport" by committing suicide to get back to the starting point in order to quickly finish a map.


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Thread: Absurd Theoretical Strategies for No Intro Inferno

Started by: ArlanKelsArlanKels

Hey there, just got bored so I opted to look at Emre's(n3baktin) pretty awesome no intro Inferno record(43:55) and then comment on some theoretical timesaves(Minimal as they'll be).

This does not deal with Mistakes that happen(Such as RNG not giving him a tentacle swipe when he wants it, or him running into a wall).

What I will be discussing are not normal strategies, and some of them are extremely difficult if not nigh impossible outside of TAS.

So without further ado let's get silly~
In Emre's attempt on the very first alleyway overflowing with zombies he opts for a Single Dodge at the corner and then he does a two dodge chain to slip by the Gate Zombie.
With proper timing you can do a Double Dodge(with dodge rolls) on both the first corner AND the Gate zombie to save something like .2 to .5 of a second
This works in Inferno and Nightmare

Fast forward along, Emre does a pretty good job and while I have a few thoughts on some things I can't confirm them with the current SRT.

However when Emre hits the Power Plant entry area he does a double dodge to get to the stairs, and then a single dodge.
You can actually utilize two double dodges for maximum speed through this area. Again, Nightmare and Inferno viable.

We're going to skip on past the Deimos because that's always a cluster of RNG and attempted manipulations.
The exit out of power station with the alleyway escape from Nemesis has multiple potential strategies with some possible time saves, but I'm uncertain which is the fastest.

Yes you can triple dodge into the Woman at the bottom of the stairs, and then magnum the door guard, but whether or not that's faster(or better) is up in the air.

We'll fastforward some more and as we hit Kite Bros we're interested in his exit plan. There is an alternate strategy here that is Faster and Saves A Shotgun Shell, but it requires precision timing/angling. It's viable in both Nightmare and Inferno, but it's also extremely difficult. Saves .2 to .5 of a second.

Now let's fast forward some more, he does what we'd expect where we expect and everything is going fine for the most part. Gets through Sewers and we're now at the Construction Zone.

He does a single dodge chain for the Zombie outside, and I believe it can be done faster with a double chain followed up with another dodge into the Cutscene.

He then goes inside and ascends to the second floor and here is where we have another even crazier time save nobody uses(For good reason).
This Strategy can be used in Standard, Hardcore, Nightmare, and Inferno. It saves upwards of half a second, possibly more, and will require a lot of experimenting to find the most optimal setup for each difficulty.
Meet the second floor construction zone chain dodge:

Now we fastforward through the rest of that area, we watch him kick some Nemesis butt, go to the gunshop(That whole area is a cluster of RNG)...

Now we're hitting the DA/Time Save question.
When you've unlocked the Gate and are heading toward the fallen Parasite you can actually triple chain dodge to save time, marginally, and it's absurdly unreliable. It also adds DA. This is in my opinion never worth it.

But then we hit the Rocket conundrum. In Assisted/Standard/Hardcore Nemesis has awful Rocket aim, but in Nightmare/Inferno his rocket aim is much more on point, and much more consistent in timing.
With enough experience and a good dash of luck(It's still not 100% reliable) you can chain dodge his rockets.
Here's an example from Nightmare where I did a little of it before I got killed, and this was still not the fastest possible through that area

Combined you can save over a second using risky, absurd chain dodge strategies through this section.

Is it worth the run ending due to some bad RNG? I don't know.
Is it worth the added DA from dodging the rocket? I don't know.
Is it fun? Hell yeah.

Let's just fastforward to the RPD and Carlos and I'll talk about what is a huge time save(4-10 seconds), and also 90% chance of ending your run if you try it.
This is something I talked to Cassolzao about and he was experimenting with on Nightmare, before he finally stopped doing it because the time save wasn't worth the runs constantly ending there. Gouki has also confirmed it does work in Inferno, but it is absurdly dangerous and difficult with over an 80% fail rate for him.

You don't kill the zombies on the first floor in the hallway.
You then utilize the "Brad walkby/slip" manipulation at the locker room.
You then pray to god that the flash is still in effect and that the game doesn't randomly murder you with an awful placement of a zombie.

This is an attempt by Cassolzao where he got through without dying.

Now let's move on from there and can anyone guess what next silly strategy I'll throw at them?
When we get out of RPD and get past Nemesis 2 we hit the hospital.
First, he picks up the Flashbang from the ID Card locker room.
In a perfect world in a perfect place you can get through the glass hallway without it, saving time on picking it up and throwing it. You're not going to get this lucky with the RNG.

Second, when you leave the ID Card room Emre had already stopped to shoot one of the zombies. You can actually get out of the ID Card and to the Hunter cutscene without shooting or shouldering or punching any zombies.

I'd like to take a moment to warn people that if you're doing the Hospital Cabin zombie invasion event pausing multiple times can actually result in an increased time in the event, even if you clear the zombies as fast as possible. It is one of the more peculiar bugs in the game.

Another odd thing about the Hospital Cabin event is if you Pause the game AFTER the exploding pillar cutscene but BEFORE Carlos answers the radio call you can save .1 to .3 of a second. This is similar to the Deimos pause glitch, where you're letting the game catch up so that it triggers the radio call sooner by a fraction of a second.

After Jill wakes up and you head toward the Basement Elevator there's the Palehead Hallway. Emre opted for a double, but you can do a triple here(He knows this). The reason he doesn't do it is because it's less reliable, though it does save fractions of a second versus doing the double.

When you ride the Elevator Down you can actually set up for a Triple Dodge into the Lift Switch at the bottom of the hospital. Pulling off the Triple can be done in multiple ways, but all of them are faster than the current "Run forward and then double dodge" by a few fractions of a second.

I don't have a video available showing this, and I'm sorry.

Now here is where we get into a Theoretical Insane Absurd TAS quality time save.
When you go into the warehouse and trip the breaker, the current strategy is to run over to the Switch, get bit by the palehead, and then get on the lift.

You can THEORETICALLY save over a second by utilizing a planted Mine prior(Or after) throwing the fuse.
If you don't fight the Palehead off of Jill the exploding Mine will knock him off, and this not only instantly knocks him off but leaves Jill in Caution.
This means you don't have to also open your inventory and use a Herb, which also means you can skip grabbing an Herb.

This is NOT possible on a consistent basis. The Mine has too much RNG on its spread, the Palehead has too much RNG on its behavior. Only a TAS could pull this strategy off "Reliably".
This strategy is ridiculous and I will never ever ever recommend anyone ever try it.

That's basically all I have in terms of odd strategies I don't think most people know or think about.

And as you can see a lot of them are really not reliable, dangerous, and don't help a lot. The only meaty large time save is the crazy dangerous RPD one.

Emre's run was pretty awesome, and I'm happy to see so many runners pushing the limits of the categories even now.

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Thread: No Intro Category Vote

Started by: MikeWaveMikeWave

Seems like a great way to renew interest in the game.

And yeah, experiment, they were asking for this back when the game came out.


Forum: Resident Evil 3 (2020)

Thread: I think i found a glitch but i am a noob.

Started by: BerserkerCookieBerserkerCookie

I'm assuming you already had the first Nemesis3 cutscene where Carlos talks to Jill and then Nemesis gets back up and roars, triggering all of the fuses on the tank?

So then you did a single flame grenade shot, dodged a lunge, and it insta-ended the fight?


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Thread: Twitch Category?

Started by: [Deleted user]

Yesterday a bunch of runners had this issue as well.


Forum: Resident Evil 3 (2020)


Started by: [Deleted user]

I've seen people using livesplit for console, but I think they always manual the splits.


Forum: Resident Evil 3 (2020)

Thread: 100% Category

Started by: Fran_Winchester1Fran_Winchester1

I would recommend getting the rules established first and then trying to grow a group of runners.
Once you get like 4-6 runners with good times and everything setup you'll stand a much stronger chance of getting the category officially recognized.

Personal opinion:
100% should be All Weapons/Upgrades and not things like every herb/ammo/file.

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Thread: No apartment category

Started by: Fran_Winchester1Fran_Winchester1

(edited: )

Also you can get different results from apartment to the subway split depending on Runners ability, hardware, and category.

I've seen some people roll into the subway at 4:18 and I know of one person who can get a 4:15, for example.

On a side note you'd also need some way to create a uniform start point/time AND potential RNG seed.
Which I don't believe is possible, or at least not easily possible.

However you can definitely run the category and encourage others to do it.
Don't be afraid to share how well your times are if you do it.

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Thread: The Pause Memes Are Real

Started by: ArlanKelsArlanKels

Btw Cassolzao says he can save about .1 there doing the pause(hospital), but normally he breaks even.
It seems like the After Hospital pause might be based on how efficient your processor is.


Forum: Resident Evil 3 (2020)

Thread: The Pause Memes Are Real

Started by: ArlanKelsArlanKels

(edited: )

Currently I've found a couple things that Pause impacts in this game.
I got the idea for checking on these when, while watching Assisted runs by Cassolzao, runners would pause to manipulate Nemesis to spawn in certain spots.

That meant there are processes running in the background while the game is paused, and so I started to poke around for potential other moments where it could happen.

The easily proven time save was Deimos. Pausing right after the Deimos cutscene helps to allow the game to either process, or catch up, so you can subsequently open your inventory instantly and return Jill back to regular running speed immediately.

I then started to wonder about the Hospital Cabin/Siege.
I have found that during Siege you can pause at certain points and the game will actually load enemies in while the game is paused.

The problem is that pausing during Siege also slows down the enemy loads. This can cause anywhere from a few seconds to upwards of 7 or more seconds of lost time in a run.
Do not pause during the event if possible.

However, directly after you blow up the pillars Carlos will then wait for a second before radioing Tyrell. This reminded me of the Deimos situation, so I tried pausing immediately after the cutscene.
I am seeing upwards of a half second of time save by pausing immediately after the cutscene and then waiting a second before unpausing.

I hope someone can give me confirmation on this so I don't think my game is just bugged.

Has anyone else found any other type of Pause-related glitches and/or time saves?

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Thread: Stairskates With Non-Guns

Started by: ArlanKelsArlanKels

(edited: )

Thanks to, I believe it was LegacyGr who brought it to everyone's attention(Though I could be misremembering), if you attempt to stairskate with a knife Jill gets shoved backward.

You can see this in action simply by standing still with Jill and right clicking. Jill will slowly move backwards.

That got me wondering about other things and I found that for Jill Grenades shove her to the left or right. Depending on camera angle and her direction she can be slowed down or, theoretically, barely sped up(This requires extensive testing I haven't done yet to prove).

Carlos is also shoved to the sides when you right-click while holding a grenade on him.

Does anyone have any thoughts or tips in regard to non-pistol/shotgun/etc stairskating?

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Thread: How Low Can Inferno Go?(Dissecting Gouki's Amazing Run)

Started by: ArlanKelsArlanKels

I believe Gouki has moved over to the Nightmare Category.

And yes this category(Inferno) is mentally brutal. I consistently tell runners who think of running it to do Nightmare instead because it has certain forgiveness aspects. Inferno doesn't.

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Thread: How Low Can Inferno Go?(Dissecting Gouki's Amazing Run)

Started by: ArlanKelsArlanKels

So Gouki put out an amazing Inferno run clocking in at 49:21.
One thing I've seen people ask is "Can you even beat that?", and to which I shall respond by figuring out a theoretical bottom.

So what areas of Gouki's run could be improved upon by any masochist willing to grind Inferno?

First and foremost:
Gouki did a great run, and every Inferno runner out there deserves a round of applause for tackling a grueling category that offers little room for mistake.

Now then, time for a simple dissection from a non-runner.
We can already tell right off the bat that Gouki's run can be improved based on the Apartment time(Flat 1:07). The best time I've heard for apartment so far was a 1:06.3, by 7Ray(Or so I was told).

He also lost .1 getting to the subway timer somewhere(I think due to a nudge on a pillar that slowed his dodge down a teeny amount).

Aside from the apartment the next "big" time save is that he doesn't go into Caution. While it might seem like a timeloss having to get chewed on, being backbit by the first zombie in the streets outside the subway can save 4+ seconds by the time you reach Deimos(Powerstation).

Next the First Alleyway.
One can use a Double Dodge going into the corner for a tiny save(.1 or so), and one can also use a Double Dodge going into the Gate Opening Zombie for another time save(.2-.4).

Gouki shoots the barrel.
You can YOLO the crowd for a time save, but it's NOT recommended. Gouki shoots the Donut Plaza zombies to manipulate them, again you can YOLO the crowd on the return but really shouldn't. Both of those combined can save over a second.

BTW I am ignoring all points where Gouki could save time by dodge chains while in Fine, because for optimal time you want to be in Caution during these moments.

On the way back to the FireHydrant he stopped to shoot a zap box and he was partially pushed back by a zombie while dodging. Best case these combined are a .5 timeloss.

He could do a risky triple dodge for boltcutter and the door, which is at least .1 faster than the strategy he utilized. Not recommended btw. He also failed to get the Nicholai door skip, which is another tiny time loss.

He was pushed by a dog in the alleyway and hit by a tentacle, which was at least a second of time loss.(Timer went from -.6 to +1.1)

For PowerStation Entry he went with the safe strat of 1 dodge/1 dodge. That's at least a half second a player can do better by doing the 2D/2D.

While in Fine at the start of Deimos you can do a triple dodge for a .2-.3 time save. It requires practice since if you end in the wrong spot you can get facehugged.

He didn't have to stop to shoot one of the Deimos(One of the WallBreakers after switch 2), you can actually run by it if you get the right angle.

During the WallBurst Nemesis Escape he pauses to shoot the box. You can, on Inferno, actually get away from there without shooting it.(not recommended)

He pauses at KiteBros to shoot the Tentaclehead, which you can get by via dodging(Goodluck). He also wallhugged the doorframe which is a pretty rough timeloss.

On the way out of KiteBros the second time he does the two-pump strategy to get the grenade and exit. This is a timeloss versus a well placed triple dodge(good luck).

He pauses to zap Nemesis at the Donut Plaza, timeloss versus just YOLOing it through his punch with a well angled dodge to avoid the TEntacleboy.

He does the Outside Line on the Alleyway Cop Zombie. You can utilize a similar strategy as Standard here to Triple through him for a big time save(Half a second at least).

For sewer there is probably very little bit of time that can be saved. I still haven't tested if the Early Spawn strat that works so well on standard can work on Inferno(Or nightmare).

He pauses to shotgun the zombie outside of the Construction Zone.
You can actually save time(roughly .3) with a well angled chain dodge there.

Wallhug before Nemesis1 is a nasty timeloss. Also does the single dodge to get to the ladder before the fight, you can do a two zigzag that saves a sliver of time.

During Nem1 he fuddled a little when trying to switch to the grenade. At least a half second loss there.

Hit and had to heal outside of Kendos. There's also a time save you can take if you want to be risky, and utilize the double dodge found in Standard runs. Not recommended due to tentacles.

PreRocket Nem you can actually do chain dodges on both tentacles before the cutscene. Not recommended.

During the Rocket Escape he was hit once and flinched once, combined that's over three seconds.
On a side note you CAN chain dodge the rockets AND the tentacles for maximum time save. This is highly unadvised, even though you can save a second(Or more) you're more likely to reset.

Gouki's RPD was pretty solid but he had a few points that slowed him down. He had a zombie in the way outside the RPD First Floor Locker room that cost him time, he fumbled a bit trying to get from the keypad to the locker, he had to walk on his way back(there's a strategy to avoid this), he had to shoulder a pale head at shower, and he grabbed the red herb in RPD. All in all there's probably ~3 seconds that can be shaved off his RPD.

The Nemesis 2 fight was solid and I believe clocked in at about 53 seconds. You can potentially go faster but lets ignore that for now.

And now the Hospital.
So first off the shoulder strategy is slightly slower than the shoot down(Shooting the licker with a single bullet to prompt him to drop). The shoulder, however, is more reliable since if you "Flinch" the Licker he doesn't drop and instead murders you.
In the second floor room filled with zombies he pauses to shoot one. You can actually run back out after grabbing the ID card without shooting any of them, but it's risky. It's a solid one second save if not more, however.
He gets hit in the taperoom. Good luck not getting hit.
In the Red Glass Hallway he pauses to shoot two zombies and gets bit by one.
He runs past the licker on the first floor slowly and is very careful due to his low health.

Nobody cares about Siege/Cabin.

The Pre-Warehouse/Warehouse section has a lot of potential timesaves in it that could possibly add up to 4+ seconds. Most are tiny things that merely add up, but such as the Crawlspace zombie he opts to stop and shotgun versus chain dodging into the crawlspace. That's over a second time loss for something like 50 less DA. He also did an unnecessary dodge coming out of the Fuse3 area(I don't blame him) that cost him valuable time.

He didn't get the full Tyrell boost, and also did an unnecessary dodge into the door, adding up to over a second time loss.

He did an unnecessary dodge after killing the first PaleHead in Nest.

He did the slower Culture->Test Tube strategy and then also had a lot of minor mistakes and unnecessary uses of shotgun adding up to probably 4+ lost seconds.

His orgy room was rough, losing at least one second.

He didn't trigger the Hunter fight faster by dodging into the activation zone.

We're also going to promptly ignore Nemesis 3 and 4 because he did great on those and just beating them is better than what I can do. 🙁

In the end yes you can beat Gouki's run, there is still plenty of room for improvement. However it often requires riskier strategies or a reliance on RNG.

Even though I'm not including every time save possible in this dissection I think it's obvious that a sub 49 is theoretically plausible. So if you became discouraged by his run don't be, world records are made to be broken and good luck everyone!

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Thread: LiveSplit Cannot start In Gametime ??

Started by: tatonsp1984tatonsp1984

Basically every time Capcom releases a patch it messes up livesplit/srt.
They've pushed out updates for both.

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Thread: Fast Apartment

Started by: TouchablePizzaTouchablePizza

The best time I've gotten with 60FPS was 1:10 and I know it can be at last one second faster.
It's just a matter of moving around the bed/tables/walls without hitting them(That slows you down), not Strafing(No A/D) because that slows you down, and precise W mashing on the stairs so that you speeeeed down them at maximum speeeeeed.

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Thread: Should we release Knife Only Inferno category now?

Started by: ChinajingmoChinajingmo

(edited: )

Full disclosure:
I am not a Runner. I do not currently speedrun any category of any game. I entered into the overall community via watching RE2R runs, and then RE3R runs, and then wanting to experiment and check alternative strategies to try and help the actual runners.

I do not know what it's like to be a person who checks on the runs. I do not know what it's like to submit runs and then wait for their acceptance or denial.

However I do know that I've seen many runners of this game state displeasure with the seemingly arbitrary dismissal of what, to me, seems to be a legitimate category. This is not a category of "Run backwards all the way to the subway". It's Knife Only Inferno.

That in and of itself is a feat worthy of praise. Getting anything less than two hours on that? You deserve a pat on the back and a gold star. You have my respect, at the very least.

To that end I feel that the Runners wish to know better as to WHY they are being denied the category.
Is it due to an overload of runs overwhelming the current moderators?
Or is it due to a personal distaste by the moderators to the requested category?

The overall activity of the category is on par with some of the other, already approved, categories. Having an extra category does not do anything seemingly detrimental from what I can tell. For example, RE4 seems to have an insane quantity of categories.

Out of respect for the Runners, and so that they and everyone else can understand why, all they would like to know is why they're really being denied.

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Thread: Should we release Knife Only Inferno category now?

Started by: ChinajingmoChinajingmo

I don't see how having the category would make anything worse.

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Thread: Informations about Misc Categories

Started by: KronychuKronychu

Silly question from a non-runner

Has there ever been a Triple Triad 100% Category, where the goal is to get every card in Triple Triad?