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Forum: EarthBound

Thread: Slingshot%

Started by: ArithiumArithium

So I decided to come up with a new category that I think might be interesting to route, but the problem I'm running into is figuring out a way to get past deep darkness. Unfortunately you need the hawk eye for DD, pyramid to get the hawk eye, hieroglyph copy to even get in to pyramid, helicopter cutscene to trigger hieroglyph copy. I'm open to suggestions on new ways to break the game without going OOB.

More information on the rules are here.

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Forum: Mother 3

Thread: Chapter Run Question

Started by: DahHahDahHah

You're free to do whatever kind of run you'd like, but it won't fit in with the existing categories. Rules state it starts after naming characters and ends on pressing A for pulling the final needle.


Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: Super Gameboy Timing Fix

Started by: ArithiumArithium

I'm wondering if a super gameboy 1 with a timing fix is allowed? I've installed a board on my super gameboy run that fixes the timing to run at the correct rate and want to know if its banned.


Forum: EarthBound

Thread: question

Started by: Xein64Xein64

As long as its the original rom and doesn't run differently, it should be fine.


Forum: EarthBound

Thread: Question for level up RNG

Started by: octopuscaloctopuscal

I did a little bit of digging and I'm not 100% certain, but it appears that the scrolling HP you get during a vitality update causes RNG to advance a few extra times. During my testing I tried to let the HP scroll all the way up after you get the HP update during the level up and got a consistent RNG after the battle. I went from 31 hp to 43 and it stops the scroll until I advance the text again, then goes to 45 for level 3. Maybe this could help you figure out whats going on.


Forum: EarthBound

Thread: Is version 1.60 of SNES9x allowed for speedruns of EarthBound?

Started by: JonSpeedrunsJonSpeedruns

snes9x 1.5x and higher, bsnes, bizhawk and higan are all great emulators to use that are allowed.

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Forum: Final Fantasy VII

Thread: Further tsunaskip possibilities

Started by: NickDoaneNickDoane

A skip that big is honestly too big. You wouldn't have the levels to do anything and you'd skip out on the powersoul/cait sith making the run uncompletable. I like the enthusiasm as well, but gotta think a little smaller 😃.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Question about category extensions

Started by: ArithiumArithium

Are moderators of a game the only ones allowed to create a category extension for a game?


Forum: Final Fantasy VII

Thread: Step Counter? FFVII

Started by: LabtezLabtez

Something to note about steps is Cloud will always step first with his left foot to help you keep track of where you are.


Forum: EarthBound

Thread: Is the GBA version allowed? Why or why not?

Started by: MajklMajkl

Spoke with the mods and unfortunately no its not allowed.


Forum: EarthBound

Thread: Any% Debug Menu Guide?

Started by: Grunkle_ChubsGrunkle_Chubs

So with 2 controllers, p1 you need to hold down + right + Y
p2 you need to press and release Y and then 11 to 13 frames later press A + B at the exact same time on p1
Result: p1 Down + Right + Y + A + B all at the same time.

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Forum: EarthBound

Thread: Practice Rom?

Started by: GilthfloGilthflo

No unfortunately there isn't anything currently made. You may need to go through and make save states.


Forum: EarthBound

Thread: All-new runner introduction

Started by: DapperDorkDapperDork

Welcome to the community, we have a discord if you're interested in joining it. If you have any questions about the speedrun feel free to ask.


Forum: Final Fantasy VII

Thread: Step Counter? FFVII

Started by: LabtezLabtez

The step count for midgar is exactly the same for both ps2 and pc, the only difference is pc gives you more leway to work with and you have to adjust accordingly if you get too far ahead.

To learn step count, I recommend watching a run and seeing exactly where people walk while following along with the step count guide.

Eventually youll see a pattern to where they walk and how many steps they actually take to get a feel for what your supposed to do. If you take too many or too little steps in a spot, you can mess up the entire step count so walking is fairly precise. Your pathing needs to be optimal because any extra steps can set you on a path that you wont be able to make back up on ps2.

You'll see that most of us take the exact same path everytime we do a run to ensure we get the same step pattern, the best thing to do is just practice.


Forum: Final Fantasy VII

Thread: Xbox 360 controller question (steam version)

Started by: W1GL3TW1GL3T

Unlikely since its basically the same as with debug room only a different warp. Could see what the mods think, I wouldn't mind it being a category.


Forum: Final Fantasy VII

Thread: yuffie warp saves?

Started by: SloaTheDemonSloaTheDemon

You'll save in various locations to set up the warps as you go. You end up reloading the saves at specific points in the run.