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Thread: Is 11 Exit Dead? - Choosing a Speed Game

Started by: chunkySoupchunkySoup

@OP to get away from the derailed drama on this thread...

I currently have a 9:45.28, which is the WR. I am currently on the grind for a 9:44 and have had runs that were on pace for a mid 9:44. Once a mid 9:44 happens I can honestly say that the category will be "Dead." So yeah, less than a second away from, in my eyes, the death of a category pending newer strats.

My IL splits SOB is a high 9:41, so given some inconsistencies in splitting I would say a low 9:42 is my theoretical lowest time. That SOB is with strats that I will never not do I think anyone will ever grind to get in a run. Double spit fast cloud (2 frame perfect inputs in a 10 second span), Pswitch jump (blind frame perfect, near pixel perfect jump), DP1 guy (frame perfect jump), Stair clip (You guessed it, frame perfect input), and a near frame perfect bowser fight. Add all of that WITH perfect immediate fast fly in every level possible. It's just unrealistic to think anyone would ever pull off all of those, let alone any of those in a run.

My grind will finish once a 9:44 is achieved. That being said I can almost guarantee I will come back if I am ever bopped.

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