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Hi there, been working on this game for a bit and doing research. I was just wondering if there are any public notes to Arc the Lad that I could use as a base.


There aren't any public notes out there but here are some resources im currently using for rerouting hope these help you and

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I've watched the SDA run and using it as a base for routing as well, had not seen the niconico run before though, so gonna check that out as well. Thanks for the tip!


I've got some notes that I whipped up in a hurry. They might be confusing to others because I made them for myself but I could throw them in a google doc and let people edit them. Maybe even make it an ongoing, somewhat collaborative notes.


Sorry for my poor English.I am Japanese.

I challenge and play ARC1 at NICONICO broadcasting.
The fastest playing time is 2:56:07.(Time when returning to title after end roll)
But my time is not the fastest in Japan.

I heard that there are people playing arc 1 overseas, I found this site by searching.
Although the Japanese version and the overseas version seem to be different in various ways,
I hope to be able to interact in the future.

If you are a premium member of Nikoniko, you can check 3:02:16 record at the following URL.
This is my play.



Thank you for providing a link to your gameplay! I will take a look at once I renew my premium membership on Niconico. One thing I noticed when I saw another Japanese run of Arc the Lad (unless I missed it) was that you don't have to go to the 5th floor in the Forbidden Ruins (when getting the Summoning Pot for Chongara). In the JP version it seems it's enough to go to the 4th floor and then go back up. Is this true?

Also, your English is good, don't worry! Do you know how much Arc the Lad costs in Japan now? I'm moving back to Tokyo in January, so I want to try and see if I can find a copy of the game there.


Thank you for your reply.

Actually, I am also doing some surveys of overseas versions.
The following bugs have also been confirmed in overseas versions.

Even without going to the 5th floor of F.R., we can advance(proceed) the story.
This is because there is a bug that when you get the [sleepless card] in the 4th floor of F.R., will treat that was obtained [the Summoning Pot for Chongara].
So, if you get [sleepless card], you do not have to go to the 5th floor.

Next, Japanese players are finding bugs to increase big bomb.

1.Throwing a big bomb on the heat wall causes damage to surrounding units.

2.The same number as the number of units where damage occurred (not 0 damage) was treated as a big bomb was consumed.

3.At this time, if the number of bombs consumed exceeds the number of bombs possessed, it causes underflow(it's BUG) and increases big bomb.
  (Example: If you throw a bomb on heat wall and damage two or more people with one big bomb, the number of bombs will increase - roughly 99 or 255)

4.The damage given is a random number, but if the target receiving level is 0, it should almost hit a bomb.

Also, how much price will you get the Japanese version of Arc 1, this depends on the shop.
I think that you can get a Japanese version even at
As far as I searched, I think that any one is a reasonable price. Actually, the ROM I am using now is not new.
If you buy it in Japan it may be even more expensive.

I'm really sorry if there are strange expressions.


Hello! I posted a video considering the strategy of several sections of JPver ARC1. Although it is in a private state due to copyright, anyone can follow it! Please check it! (I'm sorry in poor English.)

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