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Thread: General Leaderboard Discussion Thread

Started by: DrazerkDrazerk

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1) timing should stop at the final beam hits Xehanort just because is easier to split.

2) both lv1 categories should be separated

3) I think only separate Xbox and Ps4 is fine. DLC keyblades shouldn't have their own category IMO

4) All worlds category does not have to be in the LB. Maybe have just HAW as its own category?

5) does the battle report time include deaths/retries? If so, make it at least included in the submission. I still think having a separate timer should be needed still with a run. So maybe submit both times in if possible


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Thread: New Category - Valkyrie%

Started by: Ragnell56Ragnell56

Umm can someone explain some battle exploits or glitches that are banned? is dying on Niflheim allowed for example? what about cutscene skip with restart checkpoint, is that allowed?