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Thread: Discord link

Started by: ZeldaCrasherZeldaCrasher

Its not super active but this is the discord for Paper Mario.

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Forum: Super Paper Mario

Thread: flipside pit of 100 trials

Started by: Miror_AMiror_A

If the community wants it, fine by me. I don't have access to a computer for about a week and a half so I'm not able to make it myself.

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Forum: Super Paper Mario

Thread: Just a few questions.

Started by: ConfirmCLMConfirmCLM

1. A multi segment run would be considered a Real Time run rather than an RTA (Real Time Attack) run thus not accepted.

2. A few months ago Twitch changed all the links for some reason making all links to old vods broken. It'll be rough refinding all the the old links but I'll message Miror directly and see if he can't find any better links.

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Forum: Super Paper Mario

Thread: All pixl run (pixl%)

Started by: moomathmoomath

Like you said, all an "All Pixls" run would entail would be normal Any% + Flipside Pit, the trade quest to get Piccolo, and re-entering 3-1 to talk get Barry.

Going through the pit fast is more based on getting lucky enemy/door spawns than anything you can control. Though, I suppose deciding where to route it in to optimally balance how fast you kill enemies and how much you can use Dashell would be in your control, somewhat.

The trade quest for Piccolo is just that, a boring trade quest. I've been told there's a way to clip into the house Piccolo is in with a ton of Thudley Jumps so that would be interesting, I suppose.

Getting Barry is literally Beat Francis, teleport to Flipside, Enter Chapter 3 again and talk to Barry.

So I feel like a All Pixls run adds little to no substance to the Any% run and would only serve as a 2nd category for people to say "Oh yeah, I have WR in X" and detract from the main Any% run that at the moment has very few active runners.

For those reasons I would strongly disagree with an "All Pixls" run being recorded on this Leaderboard. That being said, you have every right in the world to do a run of whatever you want but your times won't be hosted here.

Just my 2 cents.

P.S. Sorry for the late reply, I've been quite busy the past weeks. Please understand.

P.P.S. If the coalition decides to have an All Pixls run on this leaderboard I would fight to my death to make sure it's name isn't "Pixl%".

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