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The strategy in the warp zone in 4-2 is likely the only way to potentially save the 4-2 FR IMO. Being perfect beforehand just isn't going to happen realistically.

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^I wondered that exact scenario. If running off is just as fast I might consider that strategy whenever I end up going back to any%.


I also use this in the walljump room (for the walljump so you don't turn around), but often get nervous about doing it.

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Yea, I use this in a number of places including 1-2G to go left after loading the warp zone (makes it so you don't turn around and your jump doesn't have to be frame perfect). The 4-2 one I never really considered using, but that's interesting.

Suggestions like this always stir my brain. I question whether another FR is possible in 4-2 if you could optimize the movement. Jump to the end of the overhang and press "right" on landing to move to walking speed, then immediately left+down to fall like the TAS. I've tried some similar things to this, but could be helpful to save more frames even if it can't reach the next frame rule.

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I understand the sentiment behind it for sure. However, since the game gives an ending after one completion I disagree. Lots of NES games give multiple loops with harder and harder difficulty as they progress. If it were setup like Ghosts 'n Goblins I would agree with you though.

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I realized there was a slight oversight for the excitebike categories. If you don't beat track 5 faster than 1:14.00 you don't qualify the track (and thus, don't technically complete the run).

That said, I've modified the rules. The current listed runs will stay up as grandfathered runs because of the oversight.

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Interesting! I may use this eventually. I feel it could help improve times potentially. 🙂


It goes brings lot of things to my mind though.

For example, let's say I hooked up two NESes to play smb using 1 controller output to two TVs... one uses romhack and one uses the original cart. Could I do this to know subpixel values that tells me every specific of whether I executed things correctly?

How about if I made a device that just moves my fingers to press the inputs like a TAS? 😃

PS: If you tape down the "B" button, you can't press "start" on the title screen to start the game.

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Personally I would say no, since you're using a physical object to assist you. He does have a small point about using splits though. In the past, I also considered taping down the B button, but never did.

Technically it's controller modification I'd say. I think I would reject a run that had it.

As for splits, sure I guess they help, but what about chat on twitch even then? Like technically, chat can help quite a bit too (let's say they could identify framerules by the coin flash: me). It gets into semantics a little bit.

I just wouldn't classify splits as a "tool" necessarily when there's also a way to identify the same thing in-game,

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I've been doing 1-2G attempts a bit more now that I'm working on any% again. Once you've clipped through and need to jump back (move left) to the world 4 pipe, you typically need to do a frame perfect jump in order to prevent Mario from facing leftward.

If you hold left+down while making the turnaround, it forces Mario to face rightward and gives you some leeway on the jump to the left. The only issue might be that it might not be fast enough to save the frame rule if you don't jump frame perfectly. However, I believe it should work and should help slightly with consistency.

The same applies for the walljump in 8-4 by holding right+down while walljumping backwards in order to prevent an accidental walljump turnaround jump.

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Just curious, does anyone know exactly why it works on PAL and not NTSC? My theory/guess would be that Mario can jump lower on PAL, but I'm not exactly sure that this is the reason.


I like "Any%" + "all levels" + "andrewg%"

Seems fair. Allow everything for any% and andrewg%, and make "all levels" just by banning the vine glitch.


I think both should be allowed.

I can see people not wanting suicide code because it's a code though. I'd definitely like to hear others' input.


As for continues, I guess I'm in favor of it. I find it amusing because that strategy results in a softlock (so you'd have to reset anyway ;)). I'm amused and happy that this is a thing at least. Lost Levels SNES any% has a similar kind of gimmick, so I'm OK with allowing it.

HOWEVER, this does require use of suicide code. I'm curious people's thoughts on using the suicide code in order to quickly kill yourself (restart any area with full health). Or in the above circumstance. Thoughts?

It's kinda like if you allow one, you have to allow both here.


That's neat! Nice work.

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A few years back I made this post and recall it happening:

"I'm fairly sure that I didn't imagine this. Back 2 or 3 years ago when I was playing Pro Wrestling, I believe I somehow skipped the number of opponents I faced overall. I swear I only faced 12 opponents when I finished the game. Several things this could be: Using King Slender - it should add 5 matches to the total number of matches, however, I believe that losing in a specific manner may somehow screw this up. I have multiple copies of Pro Wrestling as well, it may have been some sort of version difference. It's at least worth experimenting on, but it may have been some strange fluke?"

However, I have yet to ever duplicate or see this happen again. Thought I would mention it here in case anyone wanted to look into it.

It could have just been my imagination, but I remember thinking it didn't add up right.


I'd like to see this implemented across all games. This was actually my suggestion for Twin Galaxies a few months back, but they're idiotic with how they do everything all the time.

Anyway, I like the idea because it contributes more submissions to the lesser leaderboards on games. I wish it were automated because I think people would really like the idea. Updating it for everyone doesn't seem entirely feasible with the amount of submissions we get, but it might be cool to see like the "monthly leader" at the end of each month or something.

Honestly, I always wanted this to be a thing with the exact method used. I think it's a pretty good way to measure ability across all of a games' categories.

Maybe we could create a program to automate the process. I'm not sure everyone would like this kind of leaderboard, but it would be pretty neat to have a leaderboard "master list" for each game on using just the main categories.

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I find it strange that the rules:
1) Start timing at "start" press.
2) have a time adjustment rule to U.S. version

1) I just find it weird that we have a different standard between the timing scheme of SNES SMB1 and SNES Lost Levels. I don't really understand why this is the case.

2) I'm not so much against this, but is a little atypical. If a small difference between the versions is found later on, it could potentially be a bad thing. For example, with Super Mario World, the J version had a harder orb method that could save time over U.S. The only time difference between the versions was a single text display was only 31 frames. The standard with speedruns these days has just been to use the fastest version to avoid these kind of situations.

Just thought I'd mention it. I personally prefer starting from character control, but I guess it doesn't matter.

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