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Thread: How to avoid crashes on speedruns?

Started by: Floko95Floko95

Pray. It's not OBS, it's a game problem. Everest does fix it, but it's illegal. We are waiting for a patch, but devs still haven't answered.
Not 100% sure, but maybe crashes might be excused in full game runs, but it's generally not encouraged.
And no, you will most likely never be able to run with Everest on (unless you make your own Everest and make it hidden so mods would never find it, but if they do you'll be banned from the boards if not the site)

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Thread: Discord

Started by: BayKonBayKon

The previous mod has decided to step down and they also deleted the discord. There's a new one which hopefully works


Forum: Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Thread: Co-op level runs

Started by: Golden_QuestGolden_Quest

All categories now have co-op ٩( ᐛ )و


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Thread: Nether portal speedrun?

Started by: Kroniikz1529Kroniikz1529

It's here ヽ(´▽`)ノ


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Thread: how do i go back updates on pc?

Started by: AquixusAquixus

Emma, one of the top players in any% uses this ''. Haven't personally used it, but others did and it worked


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Thread: Co-op All achievements run

Started by: Dmo1123Dmo1123

Hi, happy to see someone interested in this category. Hope I can help with answers.
1. Yes, you can play with more than 2 players as no other runs have been submitted yet. When someone else will submit we'll probably have to split the boards because we don't want to make it 'most popular wins' type.
2. Preferably one player should get all achievements, as it's easiest to verify and not make it a puzzle where I need to put all pieces together. The person who gets all achievements should also be the host and record, which leads us into
3. No, only the host needs to. They will need to host the world to prove no cheats have been used. Also they should get all achievements on video. But if more players will record in one video I would be ok with it (and as a watcher I would love it).
I think as long as all achievements are on video, the host is recording at least and you don't cheat you should be fine. Looking forward your run 🙂