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Started by: enchanter5143enchanter5143

I feel like there are a good amount of categories already on the website, and destroying a spawner isn't too challenging compared to the many other "obtain item" categories there are already. Spawners are found in caves and in the nether so it's just a race for best seed.

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Forum: Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Thread: Livesplit toggeling

Started by: LavaGuysLavaGuys

Due to how minecraft is available on so many platforms and the game being so colourful and starting time is so unpredictable I have no idea how an autosplitter would be made for this game.

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Forum: How Smart Are You?

Thread: Concerns regarding timing

Started by: AnInternetTrollAnInternetTroll

Hi! I was wondering what does this part of the rules section mean
> Runs must have a video and timer, otherwise they will be rejected! The staff team isn't responsible for timing your videos!
It directly contradicts with the moderation team which I don't doubt you have read at least 10 times.
> Do not require a timer on a video unless there is a good reason to do so. A good reason might be a game that uses an auto-splitter to track time without loads.
So can I get a clarification?

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Forum: Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Thread: What is considered a glitch?

Started by: gaygay

(edited: )

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Forum: Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Thread: Ps4 stream clock as timer

Started by: matt21435-CLUTCHmatt21435-CLUTCH

Also no one is wondering, but it's close to impossible to make an auto splitter for bedrock since it's cross platform and we can't run a timer on consoles and mobile. (and we can't run timers on consoles because it's dangerous, same for mobile to read data from another process)


Forum: League of Legends

Thread: LOL does not support Linux

Started by: AnInternetTrollAnInternetTroll

The Platforms listed on would suggest that LOL is available on linux but it's not. Not on Wikipedia, not on the download page. Please remove linux as a platform as it's simply untrue

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Forum: The Site

Thread: is under new ownership

Started by: PacPac

Thanks Pac, good luck moving forward and don't forget to speedrun from time to time 🙃

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Forum: CELESTE Mods

Thread: The resource page is missing some mods

Started by: AnInternetTrollAnInternetTroll

The Resource page is missing pretty much all other mods besides Downhill, where can I find the other mods to run?

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Platform Requests / Tagging games to be part of a series / Adjusting game type or game title

Started by: DangerlessDangerless

Hi, can someone change the name of mcfe to `Minecraft Flash Edition (Fangame) (2018)` Or something along those lines? Preferably something to differentiate it from minecraft_flash_game. Thanks in advance

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Forum: Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Category Extensions

Thread: how to

Started by: alexwaslostalexwaslost

In general a super moderator will contact you if they think you are worthy for the position. Then they will ask you to retime a bunch of runs, tell your family goodbye, slay a dragon and then you can become a verifier. But again, they aren't hiring


Forum: Minecraft: Bedrock Edition


Started by: MatrixGodMatrixGod

you can't call this a good question and you should be ashamed


Forum: Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Thread: Starting time

Started by: FlamingSwordFlamingSword

Looking around is movement. Going in 3rd person isn't. Moving your vision is movement. Best tip is once you press create world is to run away from your device


Forum: Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Thread: New minecraft series

Started by: aarush1112aarush1112

Minecraft has 3 versions (in order of coolness):
1. Console Legacy
2. Java
3. Bedrock
Education edition is a plague on this society


Forum: Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Category Extensions

Thread: Does the achievements on a achievements run need to pop up?

Started by: sticfiguresticfigure

It’s called a guest account on Xbox 360 and i think it’s called “screw you” on Xbox one. Luv you Microsoft


Forum: Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Thread: Frequently Asked Questions

Started by: 11

No, unless it’s mine all ores. “Obtain” let’s you collected the ingot/whatever an emerald is from anywhere


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Bedrock speedrunning

Started by: niflunarniflunar

As per the rules say, you can use any input method on console (minus touchscreen) and it will be allowed

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Is it ok to use keyboard and mouse on a counsel speed run

Started by: PhantomekingPhantomeking

Yes it is allowed. It goes under console