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Greetings. Is there any way I could get mod status (or super mod if that's needed) for "Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge"? The current person modding (Badical) and myself talked via Twitter (this was back when the boards were first created, so approx. toward the end of May 2018) and when I asked him for mod status to help him with setting the boards up and helping him approve runs, he said "I don't expect it to ever get any runs or get busy, don't worry" and I was never granted mod after trying to reach out a few more times after that. The only reason I asked him is because I'm intimately familiar with both games in the series ("Battle Clash" and "Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge") and am former WR holder for the first of the two games. There's a lot of things that can be added (individual level times, numerous categories that are on the first that are also on the second, etc.) and while I don't wish for Badical to be removed, I do wish to have the ability to try to make the boards look better and more organized, despite it being a game that won't get many runs submitted to it.


Thank you so much, Liv! Yes, Metal Combat was never released in Japan since the Super Scope didn't fair too well there and was more novelty, but it sold decently in the states and iirc Battle Clash was one of the better selling games so it got a sequel exclusive state-side 🙂


I would like to request that "Battle Clash" and "Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge" be grouped into the same series. I'm the only mod for Battle Clash (currently talking to the mod of Metal Combat to obtain mod status there as well to help set up those boards) and have extensive knowledge of both Battle Clash and Metal Combat. Metal Combat is a direct sequel to Battle Clash. Base game should be Battle Clash since it's the first in the series, please and thank you 🙂


The reason I didn't separate it is because there's a whopping 4 people that run the game, one having never submitted times at all despite having ran it at GDQ. I didn't feel that there's a need to split it because the game simply has so few runners.

As for me personally, only reason I run emu at all, is I don't have the space, setup, or finances, to properly run it off of a console. The WR is faster on console than the emulator time right now, as well.

I am open to discussion on this though!

When you start running it, feel free to hit me up if you have any questions! I really do want to see more people running this game so don't let console vs. emulator deter you from learning it on whatever format you wish 🙂

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