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Menno: And you can also buy through tickets right from Arlanda to Skövde! Look for the Arlanda C train station on

Concerning the time between train and plane: for arriving, it depends on how much you trust your airline. Somewhere between one hour and four hours after scheduled arrival will be your sweet spot. For departing, you should book a train which gets you in AT THE VERY LEAST one hour before departure. 90 minutes or two hours is better. More is probably not required.

Keep watching the prices; I think they're still higher but will go down sometime. Others have given timeframes on when to grab the cheapest prices.

If you're okay with paying a bit more (although I can't quote how much 'a bit' is out of the blue), you can of course just show up at the ticket office at the station. From my experience with railway companies in other countries, 'a bit more' can be up to and more than 100 % more.


Facts are back ❤️ ¤¤


E_Dragon: Do contact me on Skype. However, I won't be going from Bavaria this time round. Which is a shame, because it's a lot nicer arriving in Hamburg early in the morning with a night train than having to get up at dead hours to grab the first day train up there … but the worst downer is that there is no more night train to Copenhagen ..

Edit: I probably should add that my Skype name is the combination of my forum name plus holtorte behind it 😉


Oooh wow, an asylum run is featured. That sounds like fun. Let's hope there's not too much dialogue in that one =D


Yeah, they can't post the payment thread until they know what the discounted price is. They won't know that until they know how many will go for the discounted sign-up, which in turn means that discounted sign-ups need to be done before the payment thread 😉


I say go check prices for both (ARN/GOT) (or maybe all three, if you wanna include CPH). If ARN is noticeably cheaper than GOT, go with that. Remember that you'll need a longer train trip from ARN than from GOT.

ARN–Skövde (single) is some 700 to 1130 SEK.
Gothenburg Centralen (the train station) to Skövde (single) is some 190 to 400 SEK. The flight bus from Landvetter seems to be 95 SEK single and 185 return, making the trip from GOT 285 to 500 SEK.
This all depends a little on timing and whatnot, but as a general rule, a flight to ARN needs to be $60 (exchange rate 2015-02-28) cheaper one-way for the route to be cheaper overall.

Edit: almost forgot. The train trip from Kastrup seems to be in the same price range as ARN (750 to 1150 SEK). And you get to cross the Öresund bridge 😉


Question: (I assume this would be answered in the payment thread at the lastest anyway, but it doesn't hurt to ask now ;))

Since you do have a bank account, will it again be possible to pay via PayPal or bank transfer?


Apart from fun group travels or air sickness, it's not too easy to think of situations where you would go by boat instead of flying. Maybe if you know you want to take a crapload of luggage, or you're planning on taking a car or you live in Turku or Åland. Or maybe you're one of those weird greens like me who consider flying short distances to be simply wrong 😉

In any case, if you're in any way serious you should do a total trip comparison; i.e. compare the total price of the whole trip from your front door to Skövde C. In my case getting to a sensible airport is so much hassle, that I'm just going to take the train the whole way again because Silver 😉


RUMME… er no, wait. H y P e ! \o/

Also, HUGE props to the forum for allowing Bavaria as a location ❤️

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