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Is there an ETA of the mass housing payments being worked into the payment doc somehow or am I stupid?


They're not the exact same thing … Västtrafik is the organiser for all regional transport in Västergötland (I think), and Västtågen is the brand name for the trains this organiser takes the blame for … I think they're technically operated by SJ staff that just wears different outfits and have different colours on their train outsides.


Oasiz, why is my PS2 not on there? xD


Sphere, that connection is very secure! I made it every year so far. Also, the train will be same platform opposite side iirc.

I'm assuming you're coming from Copenhagen, your real issue is whether you get to Copenhagen on time to make that X2k 😉
(Also you probably know you can't book the through ticket from Germany to Skövde for unknown reasons; they only allow you to go to Nässjö; just in case anybody else is wondering 😉 )

I know that Västtågen did allow you to buy the tickets on the train the last three years, so I would assume the same to be true again (cash or 'basically any credit card that isn't American Express' according to the conductor last year). I just checked, the website wants 190 SEK, while I paid 183 on-board last year. (Possibly the prices went up everywhere or it's more expensive via SJ.)


Paid. Wish it could have been wire ..


Not sure if I fear bangerra or joka more, now Oo

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We're lulling you into a false sense of security 😉


I can supply one PS2 90k NTSC-U with confirmed working RGB cable for the duration of the event.

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I should have done this ages ago, but better late than never. (Flicky, if you could add this to the first post, that would be great.)

If you're driving you will need to cross the Baltic Sea somehow. The most comfortable option is taking the two bridges Storebæltsbron and Øresundsbron which cross the Great Belt and the Öresund, respectively. Both are toll bridges!
The [Storebæltsbron]( costs 18 €/125 DKK for a car shorter than three metres (seriously?), 33 €/235 DKK for a car/mobile home between three and six metres and 50 €/360 DKK for a car/mobile home longer than three metres or towing a caravan. They will accept cash payments in DKK, SEK, Euro, NOK, GBP, CHF and USD, although they will only return DKK. They also accept a shitload of credit cards, including the common ones (Visa, Master, Visa Electron, Maestro, AmEx, Diner's).
The [Øresundsbron]( costs 52 € for a car up to six metres and 104 € for a car longer than six metres/a car with a caravan/a mobile home. While they denote the prices in Euros on their official site, they also state that change given when paying cash will be in DKK or SEK. But you can also pay in DKK/SEK. They also accept what looks like the same shitload of credit cards (Visa, Master, Visa Electron, Maestro, AmEx, Diner's).

You can also take one of the various ferries that cross the Baltic Sea. There are just too many for me to list, but the shortest (and thus cheapest) rides will be Rostock–Trelleborg and Frederikshavn–Göteborg. Prices for ferries diverge depending on the number of passengers, type of car, departure time and many more. Pre-booking is advised, but you need to be there by a certain time. I hacked in a few routes for three people in a car and arrived at anything between 230 and 450 € for a round trip. (Compare 168 € for a round trip over the bridges.)

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S, just assume you will be playing 100 % until your three-quarters of the way through and then switch to 98 %, removing the 2 % you already collected in-game for percento switcherino Swedish World Guinness Goddamn Twin Galaxies Record Kappa


Yeah, nobody would rea~lly want to fly to Skavsta unless they live there or have a car … and the number of airlines going there is rea~lly limited, so if someone says 'Stockholm' you can safely assume it to be ARN (Arlanda).


I would love to take part ^^


Definitely down for werewolf ¤¤

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I'ma putting my hand up for chat modding. I'm not objected to general tasks either but it looks like there are others, too, so I can keep a low profile there x3


Just paid via bank transfer. As I mentioned in the comments, I hope it's too much. If it's not, the exchange rate went down rapidly or one of the two banks took out fees. In that case, slap me. If it is too much, keep the change 😉


Let me quote Wikipedia:

Sweden and Norway

The sale and production of absinthe has never been prohibited in Sweden or Norway. However, the only outlet that may sell alcoholic beverages containing more than 4.5% ABV in Sweden and 4.75% ABV in Norway, is the government-owned chain of liquor stores known as Systembolaget in Sweden and Vinmonopolet in Norway. Systembolaget and Vinmonopolet did not import or sell absinthe for many years after the ban in France;[108] however, today several absinthes are available for purchase in Systembolaget stores, including Swedish made distilled absinthe. In Norway, on the other hand, one is less likely to find many absinthes since Norwegian alcohol law prohibits the sale and importation of alcoholic beverages above 60% abv, which eliminates most absinthes.

Also, please translate this from an old version of a page from 😉

Även om drycken aldrig förbjöds formellt här i Sverige såldes den inte på många år. Numera finns den dock att köpa på Systembolaget


To quote Edenal:
‘da00 (Transaction is not a gift. -42.01 SEK short due to fees)’

If these people are a negative amount short, that means they’re getting money back, right? Kappa


Erm, one thing I just thought of … what about the mass housing payment? I would prefer to do them both at the same time because that's less work for a lazy guy like me. But I can't see any pricing or other information about it up, yet.

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FFIX’s in? Where can I apply for couch? ❤️ ¤¤ ❤️ <3

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Payment H y P e !


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