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I see Donkey Kong 94 and Ooze in the Accepts list. Am I sensing a Sega gems block? =D


Shanz, that sounds soo~ wrong in too many ways for someone who watches too much tentacles …


Oh god no, not the terrors of kebab pizza DansGame

But that Japanese/Asian place sounds like a try. Godda go for obligatory sushi at some point …

Real question: Do they have a crappy Chinese place like they had in Skövde?


I wasn’t sure if until 1st May implied today or tomorrow, so I’m posting today to be safe …

As I said, all my times are updated on PBTracker. Individual comments:

Ooze: As you can see, most runs are in the area of 5 to 7 minutes with much more at < 6 than above. Keep it at seven for safety or put it to six minutes; it doesn’t matter. The first level is pretty much at perfection and I just need nothing to go wrong (which happens most of the time). The third level is more or less life or death due to the fishs’ randomness. (Note: I’ll start practising on an actual Genesis controller as soon as my adapter arrives; likely Monday. I used a PSX controller before. I don’t think that’ll impede performance too much on the long run, though.)

Threads of Fate: Unfortunately I have had little time during April due to being away every week-end except for this one. Hence why there are not as many runs of the game that I hoped there would be. Excluding the optional extra boss that I hope to add as an incentive, my most recent times are solidly lower than 3:15. That should be plentiful so lower the estimate accordingly. I’ll update tomorrow if I’m allowed and can get another game with the extra boss fight added in.

Duo Princess: Kenny is obviously the better runner; most of my times are around 19 minutes. However, I got two PBs by a minute’s and half a minute’s margin today, so more is possible. I would reduce the estimate to 19 minutes to be safe or 18 minutes to be more risky. I’ll keep practising here, too, hoping to consistently get times of ~18 minutes or maybe even closer to 17.


I’m not sure about Fingers or Eidgod, but I’m pretty sure that Tingle is the prostitute, because she moved twice during the night.

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It doesn’t explicitly say so in the registration thread but if I had to bet, all my money would be on ‘no’. It is your risk whether you can come or not after you payed …


Nikneim, did you hear anything?

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Note that this answer is not directly from the official organising committee. However, I have no reason to assume any policy changes …

What you practise on is your own thing. Whether you use emulators or the real consoles for practice doesn't matter.

At the event itself, you are expected to run on the official hardware (exceptions may apply, see below). You are not expected to supply a standard console, there will be enough of those hanging around. However, you are expected to supply your game in the corresponding preferred version. (Note that for some games, PAL may be preferable because reason; just saying.) You are also expected to bring a controller — remember that using a different controller than the one you are used to may impede your performance 😉 . The controller, of course, has to fit into the official console.

I'm not sure what the organisers' stance on things like flash carts is.


Tsk tsk tsk why are you a) sleeping at work and 😎 typing up ESA posts while sleeping at work? 😉

But to the point: BUBBLE FOOTBALL! I'm so totally in!

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Here's expecting that all of my games will be cut for that reason 8D

No, in all seriousness; I think it's a shame, but given the previous years' experience I can totally understand your decision. I still hope the best game evar™ makes it in and hopefully we can still have some way to display its beauty.


BADBRAKES: I'm very sorry that you completely misinterpreted my (admittedly short and potentially very unclear) statement. It was not my intention to make fun of your post in any way. Please allow me to explain my thinking:

I do not give a single damn about a lanyard. In fact, I would like to not have one since it would be in my way if I wore it and I have no use for it after the event. Thus, I would rather not even get one — saves material and hassle.
The staff had not made it clear how much they would prefer everyone to actually get a lanyard. The only hint of information is the additional fee if you are past the deadline. Thus, I was under the impression one is expected to hand in a photo and such because staff really wants to give you one. Read above why I wouldn't like that.
Out of your post and the short, previous answers, I distilled the information that staff may possibly be perfectly fine with people not wanting lanyards/people just not submitting pictures and thus not getting lanyards. I was expecting a confirmation (by staff) of some sort (I'm still not sure that's how it is) that lanyards are 100% optional. In fact, my post was not an attempt at answering your question but rather an additional question directed at the staff.

Please reread my previous post in the light of this information, it should be clear that my intention was not mocking you but rather enthusiasm that I would not be required to get a lanyard. (Note that I am generally okay-ish with sharing my real name and picture with the offline world so saying that I be uncomfortable with doing so would be a straight-up lie. I like to avoid straight-up lies whenever possible.)

Let me repeat that I regret all misunderstanding my short post caused. I humbly wish to excuse myself. I also do not expect that this post changes your decision to stay away from forums in any way — it is your decision.

(In case Badbreaks really doesn't read this, could somebody please poke him towards it?)

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Wait, I can turn that around, can't I? I simply refuse to give a photo and don't have to take a lanyard? =D


Whooohooo~ all my games made round one! \o/ Ooze alone makes this line-up one of the strongest ESA game lists yet x3

When is the scheduling crew going to decide whether there will be a second stream? Will it also happen around the second round of cuts in May?

Edit: Thanks, Sphere, I feel silly now O:-)


Erm, does that mean you're booking a five hour earlier flight if another person doesn't come? May I ask why, 'cause it's confusing ^^'


While I'm not in the Czech Republik, I can't believe it is too different there …

Every odd month someone at my research institute sends an e-mail around offering an old CRT for sale/free (sale is typically in the price range of no more than ten Euros).

ESA had a deal with some shop(s?) where you could bring your old stuff to get money; that (these?) shop(s?) offered to keep the TVs for ESA. (They were tested beforehand by ESA people.)

Long story short: Whatever still has a CRT (outside of retros and speedrunners) usually wants to just get rid of it …


You'll never get rid of me 8D (read: I'll be there the whole time.)

On that note, I did another run of Threads of Fate today and made sure to time the ending. 18.5 minutes. (Possibly not optimal since it involves movements. So that's the amount by which you would have to subtract submitted times to compare them to what I post on pbtracker. (Oh yeah, the run was 3:13:47 not including the ending and it was almost entirely without going the wrong way.)


I saw that. I wasn't sure whether I should like it or hate it — the latter because that might mean 'recording' 'runs' and submitting them here D=

Eww, new territory D=


After seeing Kenny's submissions: Yeah, I'm fine with racing Duo Princess =3


Question: Will there be wristbands for my collection again?


Did you know, that if you're crazy like me, you can make the trip from Prague to ESA in a single day by train? 8D Leave at 8.27 on EC 176 to Hamburg, from there take ICE 37 to Copenhagen and finally Øresundståg 1102 all the way through =D

Sorry, just had to let that go 😉


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