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Requesting to add a note on how to add new categories to existing games 😉 (Post on the game’s board according to a different thread on here)


I would love to request the Ooze category on the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) platform. I ran that game at ESA. (I also have a non-video-proven PB/likely-WR, which I would submit if you allow it.)

Also, my future plans include runs of the Mega Drive (Genesis) versions of Cheetahmen and Haunted Hills (assuming that’s beatable; didn’t get far enough yet it is), so maybe keep those as backup ideas, too 😉 <-- group pictures.

(Maybe I’ll photoshop later, Adam 😉 )


I asked Planks the other day and got this:

Originally posted by Onetwoplankswe have a whole new super simple tracker as well no more needing to use the gdq thing

So at least that one’s clear 😉


So … What are you trying to say?


Sam, I would run a double check by a Swede but by my understanding the prices are fixed by the commune or some other political organisation … Thus it wouldn’t matter.

I got proven wrong.


If we have time, I really, really, really would love to let someone do five minutes of blind Ooze demonstration before my run, just so I can do the game full justice. (I know, that’ll double my on-cam time, but you know …)


Ooze. This game doesn’t need notes. You just need to experience it. I hope I’ll get a chance to show its true beauty.


Interesting fact! But I also wouldn’t want to turn up at the station to find out all trains are very filled and no discount is in sight 😉


How it works is an issue for those arriving in Kastrup on a train. The rest is purely informational.


I found details about the passport checking. In a nutshell:

The Øresundståg trains end in Kastrup, where you will have to exit the train, take the stairs/escalator upstairs to the departure hall, go through an ID pre-check, then go back down on the other side and board a train to Sweden on the opposite platform. (Kastrup has side platforms, so there is effectively a Sweden platform physically separated from a Denmark one.) SJ and the Øresundståg journey planner give you 29 minutes transfer time. You will probably need them! If you have a 9 minute transfer time, you will miss your train.

If you are on an X2000 (labelled X2 on your itinerary), the passport pre-checks will be performed at Copenhagen central station at platform 26. Be there on time.

For all further information, either click that link up there or ask me 😉


Elorkeloff: If you booked an online ticket with DB, they will require something as your ID to make sure you are using the ticket made for you. That can be BahnCard, credit card, EC (maestro) card or credit-card sized German ID card. That will only identify you as the correct holder of the online ticket, though. For the border controls, you will need a passport or a national ID card (Personalausweis). Obviously, it needs to be valid.

Citizens of countries that belong to the EEA and Switzerland can use their national ID cards when crossing the border. (The EEA is made up of the EU member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.) Denmark, Norway and the UK do not issue national ID cards and those of Iceland are not accepted by the EU because they don’t state nationality.

To further complicate things, citizens of the Nordic Passport Union (Iceland, Denmark including Faroes and Greenland, Norway, Sweden and Finland) do not need a passport/ID card by special regulation; their driving license should be enough.

I’ll get back to you on the subject of how long should one account for the controls at Kastrup.


There have been a lot of question marks concerning the passport controls on the Danish/Swedish border before the Øresund bridge.

It has recently been confirmed that these passport controls will continue for the duration of ESA, so all travellers coming in from Denmark will need to schedule the time required for passport controls. If you book via, then the time should already be allocated for.

Note that national ID cards are enough for EU citizens. You do not require a passport, unless you are a non-EU national.

Edit: [Here’s some information about how the passport controls are happening on different trains.]("")

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And there are people like me who don’t even need earplugs, they just sleep. And potentially wake up maybe …

In the past there have been arrangements for separate areas reserved for females but I’m not sure if that will be a thing this year. But females have slept in the main room without any troubles I would have heard of, too. So really no worries about anything ^^


A note to all Copenhagen travel groups: It has been confirmed that the border checks will continue throughout ESA, so prepare for systematic passport controls on your way into Sweden.

For EU citizens, the national ID card is sufficient.


What Matse said. It’s always preferable to have the tickets before you’re there. If you’re lucky, you may even grab pre-booking discounts.


Question (for the third time. Notice me, organiser-senpais!):

Can I opt out of a lanyard? My reasons for not wanting one are still the same. (Note: I didn’t book yet but will do so soon™.


My run is supposed to be on the 28th at 11:47 or so. Sorry for not being online earlier to tell you ^^' But it seems fine, we’re not even considering that day xD That said, I strawpolled.


I'll just assume that given enough time reject reasons will start popping up everywhere, right? If not, I'm gonna specifically request those for my runs just because 😉


@Bang a four is totally a nine, right … no? Oops O:)


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