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Forum: Quake (N64)

Thread: Board update May 2020

Started by: AlexoAlexo

- A link to the console Doom discord has been provided on the side bar. The server is also host to a Quake console section, with a growing community for this port and others.

- NTSC & PAL have been defined to avoid timing difference in both full game and individual level runs.

-Emulator options have been removed for full game due to significant disadvantages with load times. Emulator IL's will still be accepted, but kept separate from real hardware times.

- Max% will be added eventually for full game. The goal will be creating the option when a few more folks learn the game to take these categories on for IL's or full game attempts. The category will likely be added by that time in a further expansion.

- Nightmare IL's have been given a 'Max%' and 'Non-max' as a test for how Max IL's could be expanded in the future.

- Icons and themes have been updated.

Let me know if anything is out of place on the discord or DM here on SRC!

maintenance will continue over the next 72 hours.


Forum: Quake II (N64)

Thread: Leaderboard update May 2020

Started by: AlexoAlexo

- A link to the console Doom discord has been provided on the side bar. The server is also host to a Quake console section, with a growing community for this port and others.

- NTSC & PAL have been defined to avoid timing difference.

- Normal and Hard any% have been added for both full game and individual levels.

- Max% has been added for Full game and individual levels.

- Icons and themes have been updated.

If anything is out of place, let me know!


Forum: Doom 64

Thread: Request: Separate N64 and 2020 Port

Started by: KaosWulfKaosWulf

Have discussed it in the past posts in the forum here. Keeping Doom 64 as a single leaderboard will save confusion in future submissions. We can all agree the 2020 port is Different in a speedrunning context. I don't advocate for the 2020 port to be default here. Having it listed in a pool time with "Classic" is a bit much also. Option 2 listed above is a viable option for the future of the leader board, while still respecting the history of the original games speedruns.

Obviously every player who intends to get serious with the 2020 port for max times, should seek to maximize runs in the "Classic" in future sessions. But having 2020 runs listed in the same place as a 2nd subcategory, will help introduce those who who may not have discovered the original speedrun yet.

-Add 2 subcategories to all full game categories and ILs: 1. Classic , 2. 2020
-Default every submitted run to Classic, this will place the majority of Classic runs into respectful category.
-Take the new 2020 port submissions (10-15 runs), change to 2020 subcategory.
-Classic remains the default category.
-2020 does not distinct PC and consoles separate, but lists the port away from N64.
-N64 is encouraged for those who want to get serious for max times.

Grav, have you considered the new port is not only widely accessible, but a nice tool for those looking to learn the classic version? I've had an N64 cartridge for 3 years, and couldn't bring myself to learn much because of how dark it is. With the 2020 port, I've learned more about Doom 64's maps in the time since release, and could start learning glitches on N64 now that I have the basic routes down (intended route for most part).
I know 2 other folks in the same spot right now, both with a copy of D64, both learning 2020 for basics before going back. There could be more who find their way to learning the classic games routes and glitches this way. Having a start with the intended route, 2020 port introduction could help them learn for N64 runs for maps, keys, spawns, linedefs.

I can understand the frustration seeing folks run a far slower version of the game. Time spent routing, and refining the game into the speedrun it is. It can feel like it was all for nothing with the new version appearing. But its a positive aspect to take for this version, not only accessible, but for a lot of people, introductory to Doom 64 as a whole. I feel like accepting a new version, while still keeping the default as classic, is a good way to balance this reality. Some more tutorials on a few glitches in Doom 64 Classic could help bring people from the 2020 port, into running the Classic also.

Both can exist side by side here, both can benefit from one another. 2020, the slower port, introduces folks to the superior speedrun times in the Classic. The Classic port, tests those who are ready to go to the next level when 2020 times are maxed. Its a shift in the way the run is discovered and learned for the future.

Make 2 subcategories, keep N64 as the default. So long as boards for 2020 are supported also.
Pls accept new things happen, but old things are still things and they are still there.
Classic game is obviously the run to learn if you want the serious low times with glitches.
2 different leaderboards will have dual submissions and confusion forever.

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Forum: Ultimate Doom

Thread: NM-Speed confusion

Started by: percy43percy43

Levels 1-7 are the counted time. But you are still required to finish the 8th level for a submission.

Even if you play a bad level 8, your 1-7 time isn't tarnished.

The rules are like this due to the original Doom lacking mission 8 results screens. Rules are still carried over, even though modern source ports have added the results screen after the 8th missions back in.

Aim for best 1-7, but you must finish all 8 levels still.


Forum: Doom (Unity Ports)

Thread: What about the new DOOM64 port (PC) ?

Started by: tatticadanitotatticadanito

It would be best to have the new port of Doom 64 on the current N64 leaderboard.

Having subcategories for "Classic N64" and 2020 Port" for each category and IL would make it a simple addition, and wouldn't confuse players having multiple leaderboards.

Doom 64 mod hasn't been active since the 2020 port released, submissions are freely open on the D64 board. Hard to say if, or when the change will take place.

There is another discussion on the Doom 64 forum with this same topic;


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Forum: Doom 64

Thread: Will lost levels and PC,PS4,Xone versions be added?

Started by: ktilla23ktilla23

Would hope there is a subcategory for it upon first submission of the new ports. "N64" and "2020" as their own subcategories in each category and IL would be a good thing for the board.

None of the Super Shotgun clips will work on 2020 version.
'autopilot' tech is lost in 2020 port. (Slower movement)
Credits warp takes you to the main menu in 2020 port.

For credits warp, you technically don't manually quit the game at all. A run in the 2020 port still matches criteria with the way the rules are written currently for a warp run. The new port just loads into the main menu, rather then playing the credits. It would be a slower run regardless, without faster movement and shotgun clipping available.

2020 port is a more inviting version of the game to speedrun for new players imo. A heck of a lot easier to see stuff also with the enhanced brightness options!

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Forum: Soulcalibur II

Thread: Standard Arcade Character Tierlist

Started by: SlevanasSlevanas

I feel like Astaroth could get faster with ring outs, but the levels in this one are filled with walls and bad spawn positions.. could get a good run for sub 50 maybe, but heavy RNG with enemy movements. Really need to give some of the IL board stuff a try eventually, its a sweet addition here!

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Forum: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Thread: Console separation?

Started by: AlexoAlexo

Load times could be vastly different depending on platforms though.


Forum: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Thread: Console separation?

Started by: AlexoAlexo

I've considered learning this run since its brand new. But I run on xbox one. Has the mod team had any discussions regarding spliting platforms before the PB's begin rolling in? 🙂


Forum: Soulcalibur II

Thread: Let us mourn

Started by: SpenitoSpenito

I've started calling him trollferno for a reason... We believe in you @spennicusspennicus! Good luck on the runs!

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Forum: Soulcalibur II

Thread: Ideas for quick Joke run categories!

Started by: SOBSOB

Could be interesting as a misc. Category for sure. Depends on what the mods think.

When I first saw the title, I thought you were thinking of like a "joke weapons" category lol.

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Forum: Quake II (N64)

Thread: Advice for IL's

Started by: AlexoAlexo

I've noticed something about the IGT recently, and will be keeping it here for some documentation and future runners.

When the ending cutscene begins after the final switch/portal is reached in a level, generally it takes 2-2.3 seconds on the in game timer for the level to actually end.

If you pause as the final point in the level is reached, and add 2 seconds on to the timer in the pause menu, this will generally give you an idea of the time you will have for the level.

This is just an easier way to determin if you'll have a PB for the level. Instead of praying the IGT is lower, having to return to the main menu to type in codes, or run the whole game again up to the level you are attempting to get a lower time in.

Example: finish level 1, pause as switch is pressed
IGT on pause menu says 22
Final time after cutscene will be 24.


Forum: Wolfenstein 3D

Thread: Snes Version

Started by: Alex0023Alex0023

I advocate to make the GBA and Snes versions for different boards.

The Xbox live arcade port is near perfect, likely the same times possible for IGT, so dunno if there is much difference?


Forum: Doom (XBOX/BFG/PS3)

Thread: Can I submit my runs?

Started by: AlauxAlaux

Hello @AlauxAlaux, I can clear this up for you.

The BFG edition was multiplatform release, and this board is specifically for console ports of Ultimate Doom for the following consoles:

Original Xbox using the Doom 3 special edition or Resurection of Evil expansion Bonus section with classic Doom titles.

Doom for Xbox Live Arcade (2006 and 2012 releases)
(Backwards compatible on xbox one)

Doom Classic Complete for Playstation 3

BFG editions for Xbox 360, PS3
(backwards compatible on Xbox One)

BFG edition for PC provides the wad (data) file for Doom, and can be played back in a number of custom game launchers called source ports.

The reason this board exists is due to the fact these ports are unable to provide low times compared to the PC version. This is due to the fact there is only strafe run 40 (SR40), and the fastest movement tech, called SR50, is only possible with PC controls.

To submit IL times for the PC version, which is no longer hosted on SRC, please read this thread in the Ultimate Doom for PC forum:

Hope this helps clear up some confusion!

TL;DR : These versions will never be as fast as PC, and PC runs will not be accepted. BFG was multiplatform, and runs the Xbox Live Arcade and PS3 versions directly from the disc for these consoles. BFG is just a way to physically own these games, and help identify them.


Forum: Pringles

Thread: 5.5 (156g) IRL confusion?

Started by: AlexoAlexo

I bought two 5.5 OZ cans today, with intention to get the time closer to 4 minutes in the IRL category.. but I noticed something. On each of these cans, it says 5.5 OZ (158).. I'm in the USA, so I'm not sure if its a regional variant, or if the board category isn't properly named? The category i am referencing is 5.5 oz (156g). Just want to keep within the rules, and not have an advantage if thats the case by 1 or 2 chips... LOL


Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

Hello staff, hope all is going well!

I have a submitted run of Quake II (N64) ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​quake264 ) thats been sitting for just about 15 days, awaiting approval. The Moderator for the board is user Parallax ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​ParallaxDG ) who hasn't logged on in over 2 months. Their last log on was for approval of my runs from prior long waiting times after I directly contacted them via twitter. Parallax's most recent submissions were over 2 years ago, and in the twitter correspondence from April, they let me know they have lost interest in keeping up with speedrunning. I have just recently submitted, and become the moderator of the first Quake for nintendo 64, but would like to request becoming a moderator on the second game's nintendo 64 version as well. Would like to continue my submissions without bothering a retired runner in the process is all!

Thanks for the help. 🙂


Forum: Quake (N64)

Thread: How to activate debug menu for IL's/God Mode.

Started by: AlexoAlexo

With the Debug menu, you can select all individual IL levels with a default shot gun start, God mode, and all weapons. Very useful for practice and testing!


Forum: World of Warcraft Classic

Thread: JokerD, first 60 in classic WoW, and his strategy (Frost Mage)

Started by: AlexoAlexo

3 Days, 7 hours.

Strategy breakdown: https:/​/​www.​wowhead.​com/​news=294814/​classic-world-first-level-60-is-jokerd-mage-aoe-leveling-build

JokerD on twitch, with archive of playtime: https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​jokerdtv

He played the legendary golden eye streets 1:12 video during it also... what a freaking legend.

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Forum: Doom 64

Thread: Switch release 11/22

Started by: AlexoAlexo

It's been announced Doom 64 will be ported to the nintendo switch in November... what a surprise!

The question now... runs for the switch version hosted on this board as well?

It hasn't been confirmed that it is running from the original ROM. Footage released today has enhanced brightness, which leads me to believe it is running in the unity engine, similar to the recent Doom and Doom II releases on current generation consoles. These recent versions had brighter lighting in many areas, which is what leads me to believe this. Glitches in Doom 1 still were still viable for speedruns, but with Doom 64's tech, its hard to say how it will be for the switch version...

I'm curious if cruise control was removed? Or lag clipping? We'll have to see in the future.. but thats why I bring this all up. Maybe N64 will remain faster with this tech patched or removed?

I would assume runs could be divided here into subcategories for N64 and Switch respectively. Ofcourse credits warp will not be confirmed for sometime, until grav loads this up for the first time.. lol.

Just wanted to get some input from the runners, consider how to rank runs of this port moving forward as more information is released. No reason for a new board, or more clutter on the Doom main series hub page here on SRC.


Forum: Doom (Unity Ports)

Thread: Clear rules for Individual Levels.

Started by: AlexoAlexo

I am going to put the rules for IL's here as clearly as possible. Please ask any questions you have in this thread.

The in game timer is used for IL's.

On E1M8, E2M8, E3M8, E4M8 in Doom 1, RTA is used.

RTA Mentioned above starts when you are first able to move your character, and ends on the first frame of the screen melting.


You CAN save on a level, then die on the same level, and start it from the beginning.

You CAN save on a previous level, enter the level, and die, to spawn from the beginning.

You CAN have a save set to load an automatic death (load, die instantly), to help save time reseting.


You CANNOT load inside a level (even at the spawn) and submit a run UNLESS you die, and have a fresh spawn from the start.

You CANNOT submit hey not to rough or hurt me plenty.

You CANNOT have a submission that cuts off the IGT being displayed at the end of the level.

You CANNOT submit a run that enters from a previous level, UNLESS you die in the level you are submitting for, to have a fresh spawn.

I want to appologize for any past confusion, or runs that have been rejected for the reasons stated above. A run was approved yesterday, that didn't match the criteria, and its a mistake I hope to not repeat as a mod. More mods will be added soon to ease submissions.