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still doesnt work 🙁


When I play celeste on my pc I have a locked 42 fps in fullscreen and i dont know why but in windowed mode 43 fps.
I tried vsync and stuff but nothing helps.
I also tried vsync in the nvidia settings but doesnt work.
I even had this problem on my old laptop where I thought it looked laggy because the laptop wasnt that good but even with my good pc i get 42 fps


is bizhawk allowed?


Im using bizhawk is it allowed or should I use nestopia or fceux?


Because i dont have a capture card I record with my phone
and I dont want you do hear me or my brother

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which controller are you using on emulator?


Keyboard sucks and ps4 and xbox controller feel odd.
Which controller are you using?


I dont have the money to buy a capture card. Do I need to proof my run?


Can you speedrun with a r4 card or does it effect anything?