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Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: EdenalEdenal

Just a little Feedback from a Viewer. I think i watched like 90% of the Event and overall i enjoyed it pretty much.

For the Stream/Tech i think it was pretty good. Sure, there have been some waiting Times between Games, but im pretty patient and it was still OKish. ( though the Chat was going crazy ofc ) I think there were a few Sound Problems here and there, mostly Volume i think. And since it was a new/different Set Up its completely understandable and fine with me.

Twitch Chat, well, was Twitch Chat. In the " early " hours, like early until late afternoon EU time it was ok and i had some really nice Chat Experiences, but the later it got, the worse the Chat went. But yeah, whatever, i had way worse Chats on Twitch before hah ! Oh and the Mods did a really awesome Job, like honestly. Especially Trollbear did a lot to support the Chat with whatever came up.

So, all in all it was a great Event and im looking forward to the " real " ESA in Summer. I wish we would have made a little more Money, but oh well, who doesn't wish for that right ? Keep up the good Work guys !