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Thread: mod abusing please help me

Started by: Ahmed_pro0_xAhmed_pro0_x

it is a long story but to sum it ,in (pepsiman) game and it is ps1 game i trained alot and I got number one and i got a mod in the game because my discovories, I was happy till the mod(owner) was changed and this new mod is abusing and the first thing he did is removing my mod for no reason and when i ask him in discord he says nothing and block me and then I said ok i still have mu number one any% rank ,then after what he did i was furious for what he did and i removed my rank and after i tried to renter the game again and i resubmit my run after it had been broken and he changed the rules to not allowing external music and when i asked him why i did put the kind of rules he said that this rule is famous in the games and he followed the golden rule and when i tried to ask him why he removed my old rank again he removed my rank he blocked me for the second time (i am in another account) and then i removed my other ranks

Please help my please i realy love this game and i dont to leave it because of an abusing from mod


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Thread: Lets use in game time???

Started by: Ahmed_pro0_xAhmed_pro0_x

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Hello 🙂
I want to ask you guys if you want in game time we will sum all the levels time and make another list with the same runs
Do you agree with this guys????
I think this is totally fair


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Thread: ISO?

Started by: Jeri918Jeri918

What is this?