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Shines only get collected when nearly the full shine grab animation is played. I’ve tried to do it multiple times but there’s not enough time in the fade out after selecting exit level to count the shine

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I’m sorry if I sounded rude. I didn’t mean to come off as that way. I was just making sure that you know that sub 1-hour currently is not possible.

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It’s a glitch where you start a new game right before hitting a button which causes a button to be pressed in the new game already. Ace has a tutorial for it up on YouTube

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I think i’ve seen something like this before in a top 10 glitches in Mario Odyssey video, but I could be wrong. As for usefulness, there doesn’t really seem like any thing about this will help for runs, but it’s a cool glitch nevertheless.

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It's known as a shortcut, not a skip. So yes it is allowed in both no skips and skips. Anything that completely breaks checkpoints are considered skips, such as the Grumble Volcano skip. Or the Wario's Gold Mine Pipe jump.

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