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Forum: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thread: A quick question

Started by: AlfonGDAlfonGD

It might be a language difference between the options. While I'm not from the country you're from, there might be just a "Coins" option from my understanding. As long as the option allows for no item boxes but collectable coins on the road it should be in line with the rules.

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Forum: Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Thread: Clip Out of Bounds in Garfont Mercenary Village

Started by: JaciisaurJaciisaur

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I believe this was found during the first week the game came out and as far as I know, isn't useful for Any% runs.

If you have discord, I would highly recommend joining the Xenoblade Speedrun discord to see what discoveries we have made for the game

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Forum: Code Lyoko (DS)

Thread: Discord Server

Started by: AeonFrodoAeonFrodo

If anybody is interested in doing runs of this game (or any other Code Lyoko game), please join this discord!



Forum: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thread: Does the timer need to be shown for video evidence?

Started by: SteelRain223SteelRain223

Neither needs to be shown on screen, but either helps a lot

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Forum: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thread: Cartridge vs digital


A calculator wouldn't work out, because loads can vary, especially the long load at the beginning of the run. Not only that, depending on whether the game is on micro SD card or internal console memory the load times will differ on digital versions.

Also I'm assuming your example is a 4 track category you're talking about? The difference isn't actually 20 seconds for loads on that, it's closer to 5 seconds, give or take.

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Forum: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thread: What is the "Legacy" leaderboard?

Started by: flandersflanders

Legacy is the original 32 tracks of MK8 Wii U without the DLC/Bonus tracks. I believe we're in the process of adding a 32 Tracks (Deluxe) leaderboard, which is using any 32 tracks as opposed to the original 32 tracks of the Wii U version, as all 48 tracks were available upon Deluxe's release.

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Forum: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thread: Is it possible to transfer save files from cartridge version of game to digital version?

Started by: NoRamenNoRamen

It should, I did something similar for Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and it kept my save files. Save files are stored on the system and not on the disc/cartridge.


Forum: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thread: Crossing Cup 150cc Items WR is an Itemless run

Started by: Pianist15Pianist15

Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.


Forum: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thread: 1st place

Started by: Kauzki19Kauzki19

No, 1st place in all 48 tracks isn't required to complete a run


Forum: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thread: 50cc and 100cc needed.

Started by: xxezrabxxxxxezrabxxx

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You could say we're being defensive about it, but it's pretty plain to see the community doesn't want it. I have no qualms with 50cc and 100cc leaderboards, but I don't care much for them either.

Here's a reminder, just because two people want it =/= the community wants it


Forum: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thread: 50cc and 100cc needed.

Started by: xxezrabxxxxxezrabxxx

There hasn't been a community demand for 50cc and 100cc leaderboards lately so adding the leaderboard for it currently is pointless as the last post for it is 5 months ago and you're the only person who happens to agree with the person who made the thread.

But there's nothing stopping you from running 50cc or 100cc though, just pointing that out.

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Forum: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Thread: Clip in the floor on World 2's hub

Started by: plpplp

It'll be pretty neat if you could enter World 4 early due to this

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Forum: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thread: About the leaderboard...

Started by: KarasukunzxKarasukunzx

You don't need a timer captured on video screen, and if there's any suspicions we can simply retime it for a more accurate time.

As for the lack of times with a video, they are not WR runs. I believe in the future when there are more times on the leaderboard, we'll do the same thing as the original MK8 where top 5 must have video proof. However this game is only 5 days old at the moment, and not almost 3 years old. We also know that Deluxe is ultimately faster than the original MK8, so we have been comparing times to the original, knowing they will be improved in the future.

Also there are some runs which run on Grand Prix mode, which doesn't have the ruleset menu and is allowed and faster for single cup runs. As with runs without showing the menu ruleset in VS mode, I know I haven't approved them myself, and in my opinion I wanted contact said runner and ask them to redo their highlight video to show the ruleset menu to prevent giving them benefit of the doubt.

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Forum: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thread: Just wondering

Started by: Destroy3rgamingDestroy3rgaming

If you click on the View Rules button on the leaderboard, you should see everything that is permitted and not allowed.

Smart Steering and Auto Accelerate isn't allowed in speedruns


Forum: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Thread: Individual Cups for different CC's?

Started by: TimeTravelPenguinTimeTravelPenguin

It's already added, but it might be a little bit hard to find. Just select the Miscellaneous bar > Nitro/Retro/DLC Cups > and the individual cup you desire should be under that


Forum: Mario Kart 8

Thread: why are digital times being approved?

Started by: TylerTyler

The problem with subtracting average loading times is that the final time will not be accurate at all, as not every speedrun of this game would be close to the average loading times, especially with more than three types of loading the game could have (SSD, Digital, and Physical, and this is not including the variations of them). It's best to find a timing method that would take out loading times altogether or keep the loading times within the run as they are.

We all know the problem with the latter is that SSDs are obviously the best for short loading times, but not every person running the game can afford it in addition to a Digital copy of the game (which is an official release) and a Wii U in order to run the game to achieve the fastest possible time. And the only way to really subtract loads from speedruns of this game is likely an autosplitter or something that keeps track of the game time without the loads. It's a really huge dilemma in order to have everybody in the community to have equal ground when running this game.

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Forum: Xenoblade Chronicles

Thread: 3DS

Started by: [Deleted user]

Yes, you can play the game on Wii U in two ways, but what you're describing is on Wii mode. This is provided you have a physical copy of the game. Your save can be played through both the virtual console version and the Wii U's Wii Mode. However, this means it doesn't function the same way.

If you play the game on Wii U's Wii mode, you do not get the fast loads that the Wii U VC version provides, which is why the Wii U VC version is the fastest version of the game (and is also much cheaper than buying a physical copy of the game). The Wii U VC version though is the downloaded/digital version of the game played directly on your Wii U, so you get the faster loads from Wii U, not the Wii U emulating Wii Mode and emulating the slower Wii loads for Xenoblade Chronicles.


Forum: Mario Kart 8

Thread: Load Times Between Digital download and Disc

Started by: ClassicClassic

Digital loads faster than disc on loading times


Forum: Mario Kart 8

Thread: Changing up my track order

Started by: IlandriaIlandria

Rhodechill - Why should it be banned? Just want to hear your reasoning behind it.


Forum: Mario Kart 8

Thread: Changing up my track order

Started by: IlandriaIlandria

Alternatively, you can use the gamepad to instantly select Egg Cup without any of the scrolling or mashing through the menu. Simply you just touch the Egg Cup option and you're there.

I think in Quinn's PB run for 48 tracks Itemless, he actually quits out after the 16th track, in his case it's Rainbow Road (MK8), and then starts his 32 tracks from Moo Moo Meadows until Big Blue. Which ends up saving time skipping the results screen. I don't see it having much use for Items runs as you pretty much lose that timesave, but for Itemless runs it definitely should be worth doing that strat for 48 tracks.

But it ultimately really doesn't matter what order you do the tracks in, as long as you do them all once.