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I think It's a bad meme run, But I'll try this meme run btw.


It's the same as any% (WTW) But Collecting the Ice cream at the Hub is banned,
(You're allowed to get the ice cream after the Sun Fight/Credits)


Banned% Is like the speedrun on CPI And CP But In OSU You'll try to get restricted as quick as possible By using Replaybot/Stolen replay And the timer will start when you're on the main menu and the timer will end when The song ends and check the website if the user is still existing or not (OR) If you have received a message from BanchoBot that your account has been restricted for that.

You will get an HWID Ban or An network ban I can't confirm it or not I think you can also use a Spoofer.


Is it allowed to Use other audio Like from Youtube or Groove Music player, Because I like to like to Listen to Relaxing Music?


@Zooms Close this post, It's pointless!


Hello, I'd ask for a claim for Moderation to this game series Since It's Inactive/NON-moderators there

Link: (Series)

The previous Series moderator was: @blazethecat. Because She was inactive for almost a year now.

So, I hope This can be claimed by me.


I wish I was a new mod I would try to speedrun FE2 Active If I had a VIP Server, And also I'm very active to respond to run recently in everyday.

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I'm fucken sad because i cant speedrun it But i will do it before It's too late.


Yes It's a glitch, It's helpful in speedrunning


Sound's like a good idea, But they need play alots of hours.

-You can add it.


Hello this is my speedrun of Debug% Of S3C:

Rules are simple
Use the first format on the first leaf on Angel island Use the format: Left x3 Right x3 Up x3
Next Go to: Mushroom hill zone (1)
Next find the thing on 1:09 on the video
Repeat the same format as the first leaf:
Left x3 Right x3 Up x3
Then you're entered Debug mode Click Start + A
Select any stage expect FBZ spam click B Button on the emulator (The control bind You're using on the B button)
Game genie is strictly banned!


If you don't start your timer at -3.60 You will be Instant deny


Please read every single speedrun rules about the run stats
-That's include in-
Sonic Run
Mario Run
And Softlock%


Thanks For Your Feedback We have recently added softlock% to Mario also Start the timer at -3.60 (read the rules at mario in softlock%)

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Hey Recently I Saw Mr Blazethecat (Mod from Sonic Fan Games Series)
Have not been on for 4 Months in
Check her Info on her's profile: Https://
Click info (You guys know that)
Also I asked to being replaced to be a Full-Mod In the game series
Since She is really Inactive (Blazethecat)
I'm Active on everyday to check runs and more..
I readed My Notifications about the message.
-Regards KirbyPlayz


To the people who have bought sonic mania: Is it Possible to speedrun without Plus DLC

(Mods you can respond)


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