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Thread: LEADERBOARD UPDATE THREAD - Please discuss!

Started by: Oh_DeeROh_DeeR

I like Typwo’s suggestion of “glitchless” and “glitched” for the 2 any% categories. But I’m happy with whatever the categories end up being called. 🙂


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Thread: Framewalking Discussion Thread

Started by: saksdalsaksdal

Greetings my friends!

Framewalking is a touchy strat not because of the nature of the trick, but how many top runners are doing it. I believe that the trick itself is a neat way to save a few seconds and get more runs going. This being said, mapping an analog signal to a digital one (ie. A control stick which has a spectrum of outputs to an “A” button which has only two outputs) should not be allowed. This is because it changes the nature of the way the game is meant to be controlled. Mario is meant to be moved with a joystick on N64, as it allows him to flow at various speeds from place to place.

The solution? Learn framewalking the way droz did, by using a joystick controller like an OES or Hori (or Gamecube if you’ve had too much to drink). This will take hours of grinding, but isn’t that what Speedrunning is all about? After all, our dad Allan had to do that to learn the other JRB CLESS method, so its only fair.

In conclusion, my vote is to ban remapping of analog signals to digital for any SM64 category/star, NOT to ban framewalking with a traditional analog stick.

My opinion should not matter since I am a scrub runner, but I gave it anyway for thoughts.

Night all, and God Bless my friends!

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