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Thread: On 3ds version, why can't i sprint?

Started by: ICEIEsnakeICEIEsnake

The X button also works for running and shooting fireballs. Nintendo reeeeeeally wants you to use the B button, but X has the same functionality as B for any NES game you play on the 3DS Virtual Console.


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Thread: Tournament?

Started by: roopert83roopert83

If this is still a consideration, I'd be down for a tournament. I think the community could use it, personally. I will participate if it's warpless or hundo.

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Thread: SMB3 Wrong Warp

Started by: DylanClarkWebbDylanClarkWebb

Right. This was already asked about in another thread. Kirua had said in that thread that the wrong warp had yet to be properly tested on an NES Classic. See, platforms such as VC work differently than the original NES version does - you simply can't do the wrong warp on VC or Bizhawk, as I recall, because their coding works differently than the original NES, so even if your setup is perfect, you still won't get the wrong warp. So it's very possible that, as with the previous examples, the wrong warp simply doesn't work on the mini. I haven't heard of any of the board's higher-ups thoroughly testing it, however, so I don't know anything definitive - I'd say it'd be best if Kirua, Tompa, or someone similar came in and gave a better explanation and/or tested the wrong-warp so you could be provided a more concise and accurate answer.


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Thread: Overworld Movement

Started by: RSixsmithRSixsmith

The game will allow you to buffer inputs for movement regardless, but it has stipulations regarding when it will place a delay before executing a buffered movement input. You will have a delay in the following circumstances:
> World start. (For some reason, when you first enter a world, there's a delay before it takes a buffered input, but after the delay, it does still execute it.)
> Following your ¤first¤ successful movement from a complete stop (even if it took a buffered input after a stage clear). In this way, it's kinda like the delay before repeat when you hold a key down on your keyboard.

You will ¤not¤ have a delay in the following circumstances, provided proper buffering:
> ¤After¤ the initial delay you get following your first successful movement (as mentioned above).
> Right after exiting anything on the world map (stages or pipes). [Note that you will still have first-movement delay upon your first move, even if you buffer the input properly.]
> When transitioning from one screen of the map to another (time the screen spends moving notwithstanding).