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Thread: 10k Point Glitch + IL Leaderboard Rules

Started by: jymotionjymotion

Keeping 30 tanx bux for co-op just seems like a small oversight from the devs since solo also starts with the same amount.

Giving unlimited bux to co-op players doesn't seem to make the levels any less creative either and on the contrary, banning extra bux would be less creative and eliminate the wall pushing shenanigans that were discovered for levels like Tower Bridge and Alcatraz that basically played the same as solo before that was discovered.

The only gameplay con i can think of for #4 is that the co-op strategy in Champ Elysees may just default to 2 Goliath's no matter what instead of say 2 Hovertanx or a Goliath and an inferno because of limited bux. It's too early to call what the best strat is for that level tho so who knows haha.

100% agree that #4 should be the ruleset as that seems to offer the best creative chances to find new strats!

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