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Thread: Silent Hill 3 Hilltop enemy grind? (For 10 stars)

Started by: whatevruminatorwhatevruminator

The area with the scaffolding and Pendulums can be reset by entering the window and exiting back onto the scaffolding again. You can also reset all the enemies in the building this way but it's not worth the effort imo.

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Forum: Silent Hill 2

Thread: Differences between JP & US?

Started by: Biohazard2236Biohazard2236

If you mean for the purposes of speedrunning it's extremely unlikely, as to my knowledge none of the original games in the collection have regional advantages.

Sadly I doubt anyone else would be willing to purchase a JP version of HD Collection to test either considering the low likelihood and it being HD collection and all.


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Thread: PC questions

Started by: PompomPompom

Not sure about making the ISOs, should work fine, it has a CD check if I recall correctly though so you'll need the ISO mounted or a no-CD crack if you want to play your backup. Doesn't require a cd key as far as I'm aware.


Forum: Silent Hill 3

Thread: PC questions

Started by: PompomPompom

You'll want to make sure you're running it in administrator mode and also sometimes running in compatibility mode for Windows XP is necessary on Windows 10, otherwise there are a lot of glitches and crashes that can occur while playing.


Forum: Silent Hill 3

Thread: Random Crash

Started by: JosheraaJosheraa

What operating system are you playing the game on? If you're using Windows 8 or above try running the game as an administrator and in compatibility mode for Windows XP.

If you're not sure how to do so, you right click your sh3.exe, go to properties and in the compatibility tab set it up like so

This sometimes works with Windows 7 too so it's worth a try even if you aren't on Windows 8 or above.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Speed run timer for Mac?

Started by: Zer0z

I don't think you'll get much response from a banned user

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Thread: crematory puzzle

Started by: TamsterTamster

I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but maybe this picture I made might help you?

The writing on the oven door is always random, with the only consistent thing being that it should always have a 7 in the code. So a list of every code possible would theoretically be very long. The numbers of the gurneys however will never change. So you can use this reference to help you work out the puzzle solution easier

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Thread: Fix to mute radio sound

Started by: AbbyAbby

If like me, you too hate that the radio sound drowns out every other sound in the game and isn't controllable via the sound options in the menus, you might find this small file edit makes your running and streaming experience more pleasant.!V64j1bSb!IzTrl0b9Y_96W-gJiINfHrG_gcos1w8XdHcmP3YoYF8

Peace and quiet ( ̄▽ ̄)

1. Download and unzip the file
2. Backup your sd.afs file in SILENT HILL 3\data\sound if desired
3. Copy sd.afs into SILENT HILL 3\data\sound (choose overwrite if prompted)

I figure seeing as this is such a minor modification and doesn't impact the run whatsoever it will be allowed to be used, but feel free to let me know if there's a problem with it and I'll remove it.

You can technically already accomplish this in game by going into your inventory and turning off the radio but that would need to be done every single run and would lose time

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Thread: Hoi people!

Started by: PoiPoi


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Thread: My In-game timer is not moving..

Started by: champskichampski

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Try using dxwnd to run it in windowed mode

I had a similar issue though and I had to tab out and manually change my resolution back to normal


Forum: Silent Hill 2

Thread: My In-game timer is not moving..

Started by: champskichampski

To get the timer program to work you probably need to replace your .exe with this one SHSplit only works with two .exes iirc and this is one of them.

For some reason different .exes shift around where exactly the IGT value is in the memory, meaning the program is looking in the wrong place for the data it needs hence why it returns a 0 value. Not sure why this is an issue with SH2 because it seems like it's fairly consistent across .exe files with SH3.


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Thread: Need Speedrun coop Suggestions

Started by: tcd11tcd11

Space Farmers

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