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Thread: NG+ ""free dlcs""" should be ITEMLESS runs on PC

Started by: ElitefireElitefire

I use this weapons:
Neptune: Mechanical Blade Zenith (You can find it in the Semmu Labyrinth iirc)
Nepgear : Gehaburn (You can get it as a reward for completing the S Rank quest "Legacy of a Lost Future")
If: Dual Sword Neptune
Uzume : Exelibur Heart
Uni: Revolver Gun
Rom: Melee Pencil
Ram: Pink Ankh α
Vert: Abyss Audio
You can get most of these weapons in shops/development
Note that this might not be the optimal equipment it's just the weapons that I use


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Thread: elevator not open after wolf 2

Started by: PeterAfroPeterAfro

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The elevator woks on the psx version even if you do the speedrun route (I tested it and you can see it in other runs) so maybe the issue is the PC version but I'm not entirely sure