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Thread: How people so fast

Started by: greendonut5greendonut5

It helps to be in the discord and ask questions on specifics. It also helps to analyze footage too and watch streams of clustertruck. Well, of really fast runners.


Forum: Clustertruck

Thread: runs not in right order?

Started by: RadReedRadReed

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If you don't want to sort by IGT, click the real-time text and it should sort by RTA instead. We switched the boards to IGT default sorting due to RTA being unfair for players with worse computers. In some cases, someone can be nearly 40 seconds slower than another runner (in RTA full game) purely due to having a super slow computer.

We might give more runs that don't have IGT IGT so that there isn't weird ordering like this post is saying, but doing that takes hours of work and it already took dozens of hours to convert the 200 top runs to IGT.


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Thread: What Is Considered In-Game Time?

Started by: AJ213AJ213

I am a moderator for Clustertruck and I am wondering what is the opinion of other runners from other communities with IGT for the IGT system we are developing. For context on what I am going to discuss, Clustertruck is a game where you platform on trucks through 90 levels. You also have abilities you can switch out for in the main menu too.

Right now working with some friends we have found a way to remove the load time and transitions in between levels using IGT, but now the question has become "should the autosplitter be paused when switching abilities in the main menu?"

This is extremely important because it completely changes how any% is ran for the game. If switching abilities caused no time loss, you could switch abilities to get large amounts of time save in specific levels. Previously, you would be locked to a single ability since its better in 90% of cases, and switching caused too much time loss.

Are there other games that use IGT that pause for any other reason besides transitions between levels or loading? I will eventually setup a poll for the Clustertruck community since its important to represent the community as a moderator and not my own interests, but I think its important to hear other perspectives on this first.

tl:dr IGT pausing in the main menu for time save benefits?


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Thread: Platform Requests / Tagging games to be part of a series / Adjusting game type or game title

Started by: DangerlessDangerless

Hi I am mod for Clustertruck, I would like to request the removal of the "sub-games" for Clustertruck because the game does not have any sub-games and likely never will. I am assuming this is a game type, but otherwise I am unsure how to remove this or where to request its removal.


Forum: Clustertruck

Thread: Categories Reorganization + More Categories

Started by: AJ213AJ213

I said this previously before, but how about instead of the current system of categories where we just add more misc. categories, we organize this categories into sub categories?
Like there are a lot of misc. categories for lowgrav when you could just have lowgrav be a category and have truckflip and noability be a subcategory for that. Overall I think subcategories would help the clutter and make adding future categories cleaner.

Talking about future categories, one of the things I am interested in is running the game with supertruck or no utilities (e.g. portable truck). Why? Well Any% is fun and all, but it is really annoying to do portable truck boosts and a category without them would be fun. You could say I could run NoAbility, but then you don't have levitation and you are screwed by the RNG of the levels. I don't want to run the game without levitation. This is not only me, although I don't speak for Snakeathon, I do think he would also run this category (SuperTruck or NoUtility%).

If I am honest I would rather run the NoUtility category instead of supertruck because supertruck is annoying. Although I do like the color change. I will be running NoUtility today so if it does become a category I will submit for it. I'll be sure to get a nice juicy time 🙂

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Thread: Any % Segmented

Started by: antoinnneeeantoinnneee

Snakeathon and I made another one and improved the time by a minute
We did not know at the time that a any% segmented run existed 😛