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I see no point of removing a category so I'm also ok for Misc.


I think the leaderboard should look like this:

No Card Duplication
RNG manipulation / No RNG manipulation / Pocketstation

New Game +
Pocketstation / No pocketstation

RNG manipulation / No RNG manipulation

No THTD no MBD / World Tournament for example?

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I'm up to make a category but why does it have to be under misc? It's the most popular category.
For the name, I'll go with Classic%.
Sunday races will still happen 🙂

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It's in the video plugin settings I believe.


So, unless google trad fucked up big time, can we say that the case is closed (not the thread) and the run stays here?


Does anyone is against the removal of the pocketstation run? You have until I wake up tomorrow or I'll delete it 🙂

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First of all, thanks to all of you for putting my name for being a mod.

I'm ok with being a mod, even though I've started FM since July 2015 during the 1st 12 hours challenge.

Like you guys said, I've been active and grinding this game almost everyday trying to sub 3 (Sub 4 has to be first, Hardest has to be nicer though).

Love you all ❤️

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