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Thread: How would I create a leaderboard with both Real Time and In Game Time?

Started by: 8686

^^^ How would I go about doing that? The game in question has IGT, but it is very weird. It is always faster than RT (by a lot, so it wouldn't just be loads), and I feel that some of the glitches for the game are situations where the game stops timing. I would really like to use both, because if users could submit IGT, I feel that it would encourage more people to run the game, but I also want to keep RT, at least for 1st place, because then I know that is the true time for absolutely everything done in the run, glitches included. Any advice? I am a Super Mod of the game if that matters.


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Thread: Longest speedrun you've ever done?

Started by: AxxisAxxis

Midnight Mansion HD Any% done in 4:20:xx My screen recorder crashed afterward so I lost the footage, but I do indeed remember that time.

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Thread: I made a BIG Mistake

Started by: ItsYaBoiGoozmaItsYaBoiGoozma

I was trying to get the game Midnight Mansion HD accepted. The Any% is almost 4hrs. As soon as I stopped my recording, my software crashed and I lost all of the footage. Had to do that all over again. 🙁