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Thread: Rules clarification for POP SNES Warp

Started by: Akuma_apnAkuma_apn


First of all, I'm not a mod for this game but I am a mod for the PoP series as a whole. I'm not all too knowledgeable about this run so please bear with me.
I wanted to talk about a few things regarding this thread and in particular your messages Zotmeister.

The current WR is no subject to cheating and it's not right to call the runner a cheater as he does not violate the rules in its current (and maybe soon: previous) form. Do the rules need a change? Perhaps, and it's a valid point to discuss the matter. But badmouthing someone like you did is no means courteous behaviour so please refrain from doing something like this in the future. Even if the rules change and the current WR becomes invalid, this would not mean that there was any form of cheating involved.

You said you sent a message to a mod--which mod was it? Also did you try to talk to another mod afterwards? There are multiple mods for all active PoP games for a reason and there are also the series mods as last resort. In general we're talking about all of this among the community--so if the mod argued with you that's great because you can address your request and possibly change things as you think best. There wasn't--and I hope there won't be--any onesided decision in the history of PoP speedrunning. The subject of this thread is currently being discussed by all the mods in the PoP community.

If something is amiss, please talk to us about it open-mindedly. Nobody is keeping you away from the community. Our discord as well as all possible communication with me personally are public so you can come and talk to me. It's the same thing regarding your method to do the warp. Even if I don't like the fact that you're not sharing it--as I believe speedrunning is all about sharing and enjoying discoveries with others people--it is your right to do so. You don't have to shut yourself off in any way. Speedrunning is all about cooperative work and it's the same for leaderboard rules. You have a draft of what you think the rules should be and you're a runner of the game so it's a valid thing to send it to a mod and initiate a discussion.

To summarize: it's unfortunate that your message is aggressive and rather crude because your point is a valid subject of discussion. To not pollute this thread any further, my DM on twitter as well as on discord are open to pursue this discussion further (with me or any other mod).

Have a nice day and we will keep this thread updated with any changes that may or may not occur.

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Thread: Requesting Marathons

Started by: GyooGyoo


I'd like to request a page for the next Prince of Persia marathon, the best marathon ever (totally objective).
It'll be our third edition this year. This marathon exists to promote the speedrunning of the series and to have fun with everyone since we're a small community.
We have more runners now so we will be able to have more diversity runners-wise.

Name: Prince of Persia Marathon 2018
Goal: Promote Prince of Persia's speedrunning while having fun - no charity or donations.
Dates: From 09 November 2018 to 11 November 2018
Type: online
Twitch channel:
Mods: 7eraser7, epicdudeguy, tocaloni1, Sphere, Samabam

Previous marathons:
2016 ->
2017 ->

Thanks in advance.

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Thread: Discord server

Started by: 7eraser77eraser7

Hey everyone!

Here is the Discord's invite link:
Feel free to join if you're interested in running this game and/or just want to talk about the run.


Forum: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Thread: The Forgotten Sands Any% World Record History

Started by: SamabamSamabam

Runner : tocaloni1
Date : 23.07.15
Time :1:41:48
Days held : 1
Days until next WR holder : 1
Platform : PC

That's my favorite line.


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Thread: Feedback Thread

Started by: FPaulFPaul

Alright, time to leave some feedback.
So I had one run in the event, I arrived Thurday in the evening and left sunday around 6pm.

Tech :
Really good. The setup were fast and easy even if we were using our own computer (my case). The headset was great and the sound good. Since I didn't do a run on console, I can't talk about the CRT. Unfortunately, sometimes we weren't able to hear the runner well but that's normal I guess.

Stream room :
Really big. The chairs were good enough and the couch was comfy.

Practice room :
Good. A lot of space and table for us to practice, a couch to take a nap or just to sit in a comfy position and a lot of plugs. We were able to see the stream in this room and this was a big + 🙂

Venue itself :
Close to the station so it was perfect.

Masshousing :
I didn't slept there so I can't judge.

Misc :
The only trouble I saw was about the "backup run". Sometimes it was unclear about the schedule because of it.
But in the end everything was alright since the runners were able to show them (I think for all the backup run but I'm not sure) + we were ahead of the schedule sunday so it's was good at the end.

A lot of positive things that make me want to come back next year 😃

(Now I need to go to sleep)

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Forum: ESA Germany 2017

Thread: Introduction

Started by: FPaulFPaul

Hell Yeah \o/


Forum: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Thread: Any tutorials/guides/routes for NMG?

Started by: MekaraziumMekarazium

Hello. There isn't any guides for the NMG category unfortunately.
But you can come into the community Discord to talk with runners of this category and they'll be able to help you 🙂 Here is a link :
I'm sorry I can't help you much since I don't run this category.