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Thread: Is there a cooldown to uploading runs under 1 catergory?

Started by: RarockRarock

I know this isn't exactly what you asked, but there is a factor that might give you pause. There is a glitch in the way runs are sorted if you submit two runs in the same category that were completed on the same date; there is a variable for the the run's time of day but this point of data is set for all runs to the same default time of day, and this means the sort order gets mixed up. It's not a big deal if you do submit multiple PBs that were run in a single day--as long as the mods are happy to have the activity--it just looks weird on your profile if you look closely. If that bothers you, you could limit your submissions to one pb per day of running.
Unless that's been fixed.


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Thread: Email to login not sending

Started by: TheBernardTheBernard

I dunno if it was coincidence, but when I had that issue, it resolved when I disabled my ad blocker extension. Give that a try maybe. If not, try a different browser to try to narrow down the potential causes.

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Thread: What are my responsibilities as an inheriting mod?

Started by: EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly

Such a "trust-but-verify" setting works great when you have a mod checking the site daily or several times daily. Some communities have API bots that ping mods whenever a new run appears. Especially for short games, mods can check the run the day it's posted and make edits or rejects as necessary. If a bogus run stays on a leaderboard overnight, no one freaks out and it's calmly removed when the mod logs in. The upside is that there is one less barrier for new runners, and the trust you place in your community can help build it. I have modded games in the past where this setting was on and it worked great.

The downsides are pretty bad though, because there's little room for laziness or slip ups, and very few communities have mods who can stay that dedicated over long periods of time.

If you're done with the game and have no interest in modding the ILs, it's not appropriate to just enable self-verification if you intend to largely move on from it.

I just want to add that I think it's good of you to ask for feedback instead of just doing whatever without care and never mentioning it, even if you've opened yourself up to a certain criticism in doing so.

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Thread: Clarify that 'PvP' Games are not Allowed - Game Requests

Started by: ZyncZync

That must be frustrating. I hope you don't give up speedrunning the game just because it won't be tracked on this site, but that's up to you of course.

On another note, this kinda feedback often gets lost in the forum threads. I recommend posting your constructive suggestion in the pinned Feedback Thread here:

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Thread: Titan Souls Category Extension Topic!

Started by: 6oliath6oliath

Any% IGT WR in 9:43

Ruins warp route, quit after most bosses to roll the timer back.
I sat down to do a derust run without a timer and got a good Sludge kill so I figured I would try to make an IGT run out of it, it turned out well!


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Thread: 2FA

Started by: AlexisDRAlexisDR

it is


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Thread: question about profile country

Started by: MarteenyMarteeny

Not for no reason. I stated the reason. "It's because the site admin wants to discourage [the group of Asia-fetishizing Westerners you may know by other names] from pretending to be from East Asian and South East Asian countries. Or so they say."

That is indeed what they said.

It's from a while ago, before you were as involved as you are now with how the site is run.
I'm glad there's a new reasoning though, thanks for linking to it.


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Thread: question about profile country

Started by: MarteenyMarteeny

OP, please refer to the feedback thread if you'd like to see any changes. Here's the link.

@ShikenNuggetsShikenNuggets no worries, I gotchu.


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Thread: question about profile country

Started by: MarteenyMarteeny

It's because the site admin wants to discourage [the group of Asia-fetishizing Westerners you may know by other names] from pretending to be from East Asian and South East Asian countries. Or so they say.

It seems to work, though I tend to agree with those who think it's arbitrary and discriminatory, to a certain extent.

Staff also tend to shut this kind of conversation down pretty quickly so I do also suggest not really digging into it or you'll earn no favors from them.


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Thread: Recording video

Started by: OrionCemOrionCem

Check the rules for the game. It would be unusual for a game to require runs to be streamed live but I've heard the idea bounced around in some communities.

Usually, and by default, no you don't have to livestream. Hell, some games still don't even require a video.

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Thread: Titan Souls Speedrun Guide

Started by: 6oliath6oliath

Please see this guide for everything there is to know about speedrunning Titan Souls.

Titan Souls Speedrun Guide

It is best viewed on a web browser if you're using a PC, or in the Docs app if you are on mobile.

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Thread: Using moderation powers to critique runs that aren't yours

Started by: MarthSRMarthSR

Just use Youtube comments section or Twitch's vod chat feature for that.


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Thread: Pronouns

Started by: Laika_the_SpacedogLaika_the_Spacedog

How about a 140-character bio where users can write what they want.

Mine would say "he/him, frequently traveling, Tweet me to reach me, always down for a Titan Souls randomizer race"
It's a way to very briefly introduce yourself if you have strong preferences on how you should be addressed.

I'm pretty sure the mods have little say on what gets implemented, so if you think this is a decent solution feel free to take it and put it in the feedback thread. I'm not the first to suggest this idea.

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Thread: Playing with keyboard

Started by: SilverhandSilverhand

For posterity: We now have reliable quick kill strats for keyboard runners. Controller is still advantageous especially for movement.

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Thread: uhhhhhhh

Started by: OldbieOldbie

For the sake of posterity, to this day RTA is the timing method used for many reasons.

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Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

Requesting to take over mod for https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​knightin
Current mod https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​user/​Hold678 has 0 runs on the game, 0 on the site, and has not logged in since April 2019.
They have only one contact method, a twitter that is inactive. I tweeted at them yesterday and do not expect a reply.

I have a run pending and I meet the other requirements. My run has not been pending for the standard 3-week period, however I am making this request under the "highly inactive" exception.

Thank you.


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Thread: Platform Requests / Tagging games to be part of a series / Adjusting game type or game title

Started by: DangerlessDangerless

I was asked to elaborate here on why Stadia should be added as a platform. I would like to think I understand some of the staff's reservations, but I don't know what specifically is holding y'all back from adding a tag for a new platform, so I can only guess as to what they are in trying to address those reservations.

1. There are Stadia-exclusive games, one of which is out now.
2. There are Stadia-exclusive features for multiplatform games that currently exist, (such as picture-in-picture squad screenview, as one vivid example).
3. Just as there are differences between a PC and a console versions of a game (load times, control methods, game versions, performance differences, mod-ability, etc), so too are there differences for all these aspects between Stadia as a platform and other competing platforms like PC and current/next gen consoles. Stadia is not just remote PC play.
4. In addition to the launch lineup that includes 23 games that have pages here on SRC, it has been included in several of the latest multiplatform game announcements (for instance, today's announcement of Doom Eternal launch date has PC, XBO, PS4 and Stadia featured prominently on the date splash screen).

I can see why something such as OnLive would not have been added to the site because OnLive was running the PC version of a game that you could only play from a PC.
Similarly, I can see why xCloud would not be added as a platform here because it is running on xbox hardware, (albeit remotely, and only with an xbox controller on an Android phone.)

Stadia is a weird hybrid between console and PC. It runs on a PC but it uses a closed system. It picks and chooses features that are from PC or console.
The game versions are ported to Stadia, they aren't just switched over as copies of the PC versions of games. The options in a game's menu are different, the versions are different, the button prompts are Stadia-specific (if you're using a controller).

"Why is it necessary to add this platform?"
Because there are games being speedrun today on Stadia that can't accurately be displayed here, and the only current workaround is to mislabel the platform in a run or game submission.

I can only guess that PS5 and XSX probably won't need to be vetted as platforms, and for the same reason you want to vet Stadia more carefully given that it does not have the track record or reputation, being a newcomer. So I think I understand why you would be particular.

I don't suppose the argument that "SRC tracks other less worthy platforms" is valid because like with game submissions, standards change, so while my other points stand independent of this, I do mention it now in passing.

So yeah here I am coming across as a shill just to suggest the site add a big new platform. But to summarize, basically it's its own thing, not just a way to play PC. SRC should track Stadia games and it should track versions of popular speedgames that do exist and will exist on the platform. This is because the software is ported and therefore changed, not just migrated over exactly as is from whatever the lead development platform was. (And for some games, Stadia -is- the lead development platform.)