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If you don't want to email, you can post on Doomworld's Doom Speed Demos forum, and it will automatically make it there: https:/​/​www.​doomworld.​com/​forum/​37-doom-speed-demos/​.​ You don't need to email an account creation there. More intuitive leaderboards are coming with DSDA 3: https:/​/​www.​dsdarchive.​com/​.​

All of the records from the IL leaderboards are mirrored at the DSDA, so the only losses were PBs, and probably the majority just random E1M1 demos from people who didn't submit anything else afterwards. They were not kept up to date, and the task of doing that would be a headache and a lot of effort for something of limited value IMO, when much more pressing tasks like bringing up DSDA 3 or even writing some guides or anything else for this community is still needed.

I understand you're used to and want to use it, but likewise, the majority of the active player community for this game is used to DSDA, so please understand the rationale behind this decision; we're just trying to unify this community and avoid disconnects between too many different leaderboards as has been the case since the leaderboard here was created.

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