"Beat the game" requirments clarification
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"Beat the game" requirments clarification
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due to the fact there is no way to reset your progress it makes the any% category a little DIFFERENT i guess you can say. I want to make this thread to further explain the less obvious rules, there are a few links involved so i felt this post may be neccessary.

These are the 10 objectives for completion of the game: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/567485988096704542/724035795803176980/Screenshot_20200620-185959.png?width=240&height=427

this is an example run: goal 1 at 13 seconds in, goal 2 in 28 seconds in, goal 3 in 22 seconds in, goal 4 in 23 seconds in, goal 5 in 13 seconds, goal 6 in 32 seconds in, goal 7 in 50 seconds in, goal 8 in 16 seconds in, goal 9 in 28 seconds in, goal 10 in 17 seconds in

edit: "in" meaning in the video, not the timer

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