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Thread: Video proof

Started by: PR0UD-N00BPR0UD-N00B

Video proof is required for all times. If you want to be on a competitive leaderboard you should be prepared to provide evidence of your times (or at least that's my view on this subject globally)


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Thread: Blue Shell RNG Manipulation

Started by: koffingrockzkoffingrockz

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Based off research I've done I can confirm that all that is correct. When you start a new game, the RNG changes the exact same amount 100% of the time during the intro cutscene meaning we can actually get a consistent RNG value into 1-1 using starting RNG manipulation which is determined by the date and clock of the DS (maybe more, I'm unsure yet and need to test more). I've done testing and have had some consistent results before but sometimes it stops working for some reason after performed a few times in a row, meaning either I'm failing RNG start manipulation in those situations or there is something deeper I'm missing into how it's determined. Also, I'm positive 1-2 RNG changes with the music, hence the constant changes (not important for this topic though). Keep in mind these results were done by testing on EMU with BIOS and then testing on DS (and finding a good consistent way to start at the correct clock time). I'll probably start researching this again but I've been really on and off. You can see here I was constructing a document to release after finding, or so I thought, 100% consistent methods but I've marked it up to make sure this doesn't confuse anyone to think it's working. It's a good proof of concept though! (also not 100% sure if the clock RNG starting manip is down to the second or tenth of a second or etc.)


My RNG notes that I jotted down all through testing, some may be out of date but a quick overview seems to be all correct:

Oh also, can confirm the setups are consistent even if they do stop working. When they don't give the blue shell they consistently give another item and I keep changing the starting time till I find one that works again but after a few times, sometimes much more, it just changes the item it's giving (human error on OG DS doesn't help me 110% confirm this but I'm positive this is correct).

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Thread: is the pal slower than the jp and usa??

Started by: SioNSioN

PAL is definitely slower. PAL will always be slower as it runs at 25/50 FPS unlike NTSC which runs 30/60 FPS.