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Thread: Snes Classic Mini SMW Speedrun

Started by: EddezEddez

We are asking you to wait because it is possible that the SNES Mini is a Snes9x/Bizhawk/lsnes inside, or a new/different emulator by Nintendo. Please be patient until this console is both understood and has runs attached to it.

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Thread: Lunar Dragon

Started by: ZanciksZanciks

The SMW Wiki page for Lunar Dragon:


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Thread: All 5 Any% Question

Started by: 333Rich333333Rich333

I have the English SMAS+SMW cartridge and have thought about doing a blind All 5 Any% race with some friends.

However, my question is, since they only have the SMAS version, does switching out the cartridges from SMAS to SMW still count towards the All 5 Any% run, or is it invalid due to the use of multiple cartridges?


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Thread: Run Types

Started by: LappySheepLappySheep

Personally, I would start getting REALLY good at glitchless. You have to get really good (where you're rarely getting hit in your runs) before you should start working on Major Glitch runs. I started doing gltichless runs, once I felt like I was BARELY improving my time, I switched to Orb. Once I felt I was BARELY improving my time doing my Orb runs, I recently switched to Cloud.

DanielMauritz is correct when he says Cloud saves 40s, but only when compared to Orb runs. Compared to a glitchless run, Cloud saves around 55s.

Tip: Cloud is extremely difficult to learn, and extremely difficult to pull off correctly AND fast, So focus on getting really good and consistent glitchless runs (my last time was 11:28.05 before switching to Orb runs) before starting any Major Glitch categories.

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