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Thread: New category, 1,000,000 Points

Started by: Cardboard7777Cardboard7777

The Max Score world record is about 15 minutes:, which is actually not a long time.

Those run variants you provided already exist in some capacity.
YI2 only: 0-exit (
World 1 Only: World 1 (
Pacifist: 11-exit (
No Coins: 11-exit (
No Dragon Coins: A No Dragon Coins run seems redundant to no coins. A run that collects all the dragon coins in world 1 is Obroe% ( The long variant is called Lunar Dragon (
No Cape: 11-exit (
No Powerups: This is Small Only (

Some of these runs are around the same length if not longer than the Max Score run.


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Thread: Hi I have a question about the cloud glitch


The orb glitch saves up to 15 seconds over a glitchless run and the cloud glitch saves up to 55 seconds over a glitchless run (however those 55 seconds are incredibly difficult to obtain, hence why less than 35 people have achieved a sub-10 time).


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Thread: Im' new.

Started by: PxlzPxlz

I'd recommend simply practicing levels (without glitches). We have a speedrunning wiki ( which has tons of useful information on speedrunning this game, as well as a link to the Discord.

11 Exit Category:


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Thread: MiSTer SNES FPGA Core

Started by: twinstwins

FPGA is not currently banned as a couple members of the community use Super NTs. However, since this a system that seems relatively new/unknown, we don't have much information on it and it isn't currently an approved emulator yet.
Feel free to join the Discord to discuss more about it with us.

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Thread: In the 6 - ACE

Started by: AksisSRAksisSR

I wrote the wiki page with all the knowledge about the subject. Feel free to also ask questions on the SMW Discord:


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Thread: New Category?

Started by: Boog2TheManBoog2TheMan

Gets some runs going with some people and other runners and it may be considered by the mods.

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Thread: Q about the Switch online version and maybe an all castles run using the rewind feature

Started by: StarInariStarInari

The rewind feature is also present on emulators in order to create even better TASes. If you were to create the best run possible on the switch, I don't think the leaderboard mods would mind. However, if you tried to use a rewind/reload savestate feature during RTA runs, that would be seen as blatantly cheating.
Therefore, I do not think that the rewind feature of the SNES Online feature of the Switch will be allowed in SMW speedruns at all.

However, if you were to practice a specific part, rewind an quick save/load all to make practice even easier and quicker if you can! In practice you have free reign!

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Thread: Q about console: can I use a computer emulator?

Started by: speedrunnoob90speedrunnoob90

You can in fact use an emulator on PC to make a legit run. As long as you don't use any of the functions that give you an unfair advantage (i.e. rewind, save+loading savestates mid-game, slowdown, etc.), you should be fine. It would also be a good idea to record the gameplay with audio.

Here is a Valid Emulators thread: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​smw/​thread/​8w7yc

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Thread: Miscellaneous tab?

Started by: IwerSonschIwerSonsch

This leaderboard is essentially the "Miscellaneous" tab of Super Mario World. It's not the main board that many people are aware of. There are obviously many categories and iirc SRC doesn't allow for the best way to categorize categories, as whatever doesn't fit on the line of tabs already set up gets pushed to the next line.


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Thread: Can we add ILs?

Started by: Otterstone_GamerOtterstone_Gamer

Short answer: No

More explanation: There used to be an IL leaderboard, but it was removed. Its removal sparked this thread:

As authorblues states at the end of the thread: "Each level would need to have a board for: no/yes cape or flower, no/yes/blue yoshi, yes/no wings, secret/normal exit, and for each of these variables, it would need to have a board for both entering and exiting with each of these states (since keeping yoshi and ditching yoshi are very different in many stages, for instance). This makes a board where each level could need up to 50+ different boards just to make sure that the variables are all equal for anyone participating in that IL. Otherwise, the IL is meaningless (why would an IL for YI2 with cape be meaningful when that literally doesn't appear in a single category, for instance?)

This is why ILs are gone (and probably won't come back). SMW is just too complicated of a game. SM64 doesn't have powerups. SMB1 doesn't require powerups to go faster, since small mario is typically the best option. SMW just is too annoying for ILs."

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Thread: Unique suggestion

Started by: ArtismScrubArtismScrub

People don't introduce Orb/Cloud into runs, mainly due to the fact that Cloud only really saves time in the shorter categories. Orb can be made consistent, but relying on a glitch that can crash the game (and ultimately the run) if done poorly, doesn't entice many people to inject it into their runs. That's why Orb is generally considered more for the Extra Categories leaderboard runs and 11-Exit (mainly for legacy reasons).

As @Xander479 states "that doesn't stop you running what you want".

Sidenote: What you suggested was actually done as an April Fool's Day joke. There was a route created for 96 and everything. Except, only 2 people ended up running it. Here's the route sheet:


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Thread: Cloud Glitch doesnt work

Started by: SamexXSamexX

You have to make sure you are setting your values up right in the addresses. This page talks more about the cloud and the cloud fight:

This document by Sethbling should tell you everything you need to know about the Cloud (this link should take you to the Easy Cloud setup, however, I suggest reading the document so that way you get a better grasp on how the Cloud works):


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Thread: New Category - 5 orbs

Started by: RickyyeRickyye

If you manage to do a run and convince a few people to run it, it may just get added to the leaderboard. Enjoy routing!


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Thread: New runner here.

Started by: zaphodbb01zaphodbb01

Hello Zaphod! Welcome to speedrunning!
Generally, times above 11:00-11:15 range don't necessarily require video proof at all. When I started speedrunning, I used a time-lapse and submitted it with my 15 minute run. I continued to use hand cameras until I could play it on emulator a month or two later and could record submissions with OBS.

So, in short, what you've done is perfectly fine. You can attach the video to your submission and you should get by just fine! Be sure to state whether you used an official Nintendo Console/Virtual Console versions, or Emulated it on non-Nintendo hardware.

Hope this helps and good luck on your future runs! We have an active Discord server that can help you with improving your gameplay! Check out #resources and if you are confused or have any questions, be sure to ask them in the #help channe. (invite link: )

Best of luck!

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Thread: Anonymous' low% small mario WR should not be on the boards

Started by: PeterAfroPeterAfro

@MrDunlo, There is in a fact a story behind this. The original WR holder for Low% did not agree with the name change discussion to change "Low%" to "Low% (Small Only)" and proceeded to pull his times and records off of the leaderboard. A few other runners did this as well. The problem arose when his World Record was taken down.

The mods here respect runners and if one of them didn't want to be named, so be it. However, as Dots pointed out, the run WAS viewable, the record was indeed VERIFIED, and it was in fact LEGIT. The world record at the time was 14:46, the record was not Calco's 14:48 at the time. As such, they put "Anonymous" as the runner's name for privacy and left it as such.

Here is a timeline of events:
The Run (14:46): Played on Super Nintendo [JPN] on 2016-12-24
The Run Re-Verified: Verified by Area51 on 2017-02-15
This Thread Started: 2017-03-18
The last post before @MrDunlo: 2017-04-08
The Current WR: Played on Super Nintendo [JPN] on 2017-04-09
(All of these times are pulled straight from SRC, from the runs themselves and the posts up above.)

With this timeline of events, the issue has since been resolved with the current World Record holder being Calco2. Since the mods still respect runners' privacy and wishes, the runner is still going to remain unnamed.

This topic is moot at this point and should be locked.


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Thread: Expanding on the "1 Yump" Category

Started by: DeakulaDeakula

If you manage to get a couple people to do runs and want to submit their times, the mods might consider adding the category. But seeing as it is only an idea, it won't be added to the leaderboards as a category. Plus, there are over 50 categories now, and the mods aren't simply going to add a new category that has 0 runners attached to it.

GL on your endeavors tho!

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Thread: InThe6 - Additional Subcategories

Started by: patstoffypatstoffy

People run In The 6 with ORB mainly. If quite a few people did Glitchless In The 6 runs, then a separate category would be considered. The ACE and No ACE leaderboard distinction was due to the fact that ACE and No ACE runs are FUNDAMENTALLY different. Forgoing orb doesn't fundamentally change the category all that much, so I highly doubt a Glitchless variation will exist anytime soon.

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Thread: Stupid Virus Orb

Started by: DoomitDoomit

Cloud does NOT work everywhere. It only works on console and on Bizhawk's Compatibility core, and iirc snes9x v1.51 and up.

For more info on which systems can perform cloud are in this spreadsheet:

For more info on valid systems and emulators, view this thread:

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Thread: What third-party controllers are allowed in runs?

Started by: Uncle_Steve-PupUncle_Steve-Pup

As long as the controller doesn't casually allow turbo, Left+Right, Up+Down, or any other features that would give you an unfair advantage, you'd have a small issue. If you never used these features, you should ok.


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Thread: Help with Fast Strats + Cloud Help

Started by: chunkySoupchunkySoup

For the Ghost House: Xander is right about the Boo Rings. Also, the Fast Strat is INSANELY difficult to pull off. I try to go a little bit further to the left, which I feel gives me a better chance of going through the ring. There's really not much I can help you with, since you will have to get a feel for it over time.

For Dark Room: At the second Koopa, I think you're jumping too soon? Not too sure tbh.

For Cloud: The setup is LITERALLY pixel-perfect, and sometimes it's hard to tell if you got the right pixel. B5 makes it easier, while any other pixel (besides 10 and a few others) require a 1-frame R tap to prevent the game from crashing (I've only seen Aaron do this successfully twice). Another suggestion is to do Fast Yoshi strats. The biggest time save though will be in the Cloud Fight.


Fast Yoshi: This is a 1-frame trick where you throw the shell up into the block and hit the block with both the shell AND mario at the same time. It's an insanely tight throw, basically throw the shell 1 frame after you jump. (Retrobob says his strat is to roll his thumb over the buttons quickly, which is the strat I use).

For Cloud Fight: Learn Ball skip. It will piss you off, but you will save time.