100 Points World Record Holder
6 years ago

The purpose of this thread is for 2 Cars 100 Points World Record holders!!

I am so happy that I finally reached passed 100 Points and got a new highest score ever :D

Th3B0r3d can't possible beat this :D

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Pomorskie, Poland

I'v just noticed that you have this record . Don't worry I'll beat you :D


Still waiting bro :)

British Columbia, Canada

just got an amazing run! I mght have just beaten you!

I also got my new best score at the same time as doing this. :D

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Texas, USA

Thanks Angel, Ill take a look.

ParanĂ¡, Brazil

You need to keep in mind that you cant go by the timer onscreen to find the precise run time. The timer could have been started early or late, so you cant use the number on the video.

ParanĂ¡, Brazil

Which reminds me that i was doing some 100 points attempts a couple weeks ago but never submitted the run i got. I guess i wanted to Get a better one, but still

Texas, USA

@Angelaatje The run time is correct. If we are timing based on Chocolate's timer, he starts the run at -0.10 seconds :)

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